I mean look at this face. This is Diesel’s “are you going to give me that treat you have in your hand” look.

This photo is one of the last ones I took of him and he’s still smiling for treats!

Here’s a little background about why these types of photo sessions mean so much to me.

I bought my first professional camera in 2015 when my black lab Buddy had a health scare. We adopted Buddy as a senior dog. The rescue group thought he was between 7-10 years old when we got him and this was 6 years later.

I wanted to get some decent photos of him while I still could. (**As an aside, I thought I could just buy a nice camera and be able to take decent photos. That’s how naïve I was but that’s a story for another time. LOL)

I wanted to make certain I got decent photos of Buddy because he was my second “heart” dog.

If you’re not familiar with the term, a heart dog is that once in a lifetime dog that you have an incredible relationship with and is your soulmate.

I’ve been lucky enough to have this type of bond with two different dogs. Buddy was my second.

Sloan was my first.

When I graduated from college, my goal was to buy a house with a fenced yard so I could get a dog. It took me longer than I’d planned but in 1996, I accomplished that goal. After answering an ad in the Sunday newspaper (I am THAT old), I came home with a weimeraner / labrador puppy and I named her Sloan.

I loved her like I’ve never loved any of my other dogs.

AND I don’t have any decent photos of her. I have a million photos of her but none of them are any good.

That is why when Buddy had his health scare, I knew I needed to get decent photos of him.

That is why photos are so important to me.

That is why I am always so honored when clients reach out to me to have their senior dogs or dogs recently diagnosed with terminal illnesses photographed.

I know how special these photo shoots are and my goal is always to create loving memory photos that will be cherished forever.

I knew that Diesel was his dad’s heart dog. I knew this session would be special and it was. It was also happy and fun. Matt said to me as we were wrapping up, “I had no idea this would be so much fun.” That comment made my day.

Kim Hollis

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