Finding a doggy friend for your fur baby is not always easy. Some dogs can’t stand the sight of another dog, while others need time to build a friendship. But once a dog bond is formed, good luck ever separating them again.

A Pomeranian named Smudge who lives in New York City has a best friend who shall not be named. Well, she is named. She’s Lola. But Smudge’s owner has to be careful when to say Lola because Smudge will immediately start looking for her.

In a December 3 TikTok clip, which was posted to the account @mitchellramazon, Smudge’s owner asked if he wanted to go to Lola’s house. His response was a full-on sprint in the direction of her house.

The way the two greeted each other is a “love story” for the ages that has users obsessed, bringing in nearly 800,000 views and 124,400 likes.

This Pomeranian’s tiny legs weren’t going to slow him down from seeing Lola. The owner had to run down the leaf-covered NYC sidewalks to keep up with Smudge.

The only thing better about Smudge’s excitement to see Lola was how they greeted each other. So many tail wags, crying, and tiny, joyful hops.

“I was not expecting them to be the exact perfect size for each other,” commented a viewer. Another added: “The way they ‘hugged’ each other.”

Luckily, these two lovers get to see each other often. When someone wrote that they hoped Smudge and Lola get regular play dates, the owner responded by saying every week.

Newsweek reached out via TikTok for additional information.

Can Dogs Have Best Friends?

Owners will often joke about the fact their dog has a furry best friend, and while some might not believe it, doggy BFFs are real.

Aside from dogs getting out all their energy while playing with a best friend, Pet MD reported there are other health benefits involved. Dog besties can reduce stress and provide comfort and safety. They are more tolerant of their friend’s presence, oftentimes showing less aggressive behavior.

You will notice when your dog has a best friend or close companion, when they start to stay in closer proximity with the other animal, the Pet MD article continues. They will ignore other dogs to play with their best friend. Plus, they’ll likely share toys, a bed, a water bowl, and space, although, not always.

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A stock image of a Pomeranian looking at the camera. A TikTok video showcasing a Pomeranian’s love story with another dog has captured the internet’s heart.
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