If your main thought while watching season 4 of Stranger Things was, “Wow, I’d pay $1.5 million to live in the Creel family’s house,” we have some incredibly good news for you. The Creel family’s house is on the market—and it’s listed for $1.5 million. 

Just to be clear, the chill-inducing history of the Creels is a Duffer brothers invention, as is the town of Hawkins, Indiana, itself. The property for sale—located in Rome, Georgia—is simply where the relevant scenes from the show were filmed. But it’s definitely old, at least. The Gothic mansion was built around 1882 by Hamilton Yancey, a prominent Georgian whose ancestors sailed to North America from Wales in the mid-17th century. Yancey’s father, Benjamin Cudworth Yancey Jr., was a Confederate Army officer, plantation owner, and enslaver (one of many in the Yancey family).

stranger things creel house interior foyer

Running up those stairs to make a deal with God. / Andy Edwards / Toles, Temple & Wright, Inc. Real Estate (Rome, GA)

For most of the 21st century, the so-called Claremont House has served as a bed and breakfast, but the proprietors sold it in 2019 after failing to acquire enough financing to keep it running. According to the New York Post, the new owners nabbed it for just $350,000 and have spent the last few years renovating it to better suit modern occupants. The kitchen, for example, now features a 15-foot-long marble island and brand-new appliances; there’s a wet bar and an ice maker in the “butler’s pantry”; and all the plumbing and electrical wiring (not to mention the roof) have been replaced. 

stranger things creel house salon

Dare to seance? / Andy Edwards / Toles, Temple & Wright, Inc. Real Estate (Rome, GA)

But the updates haven’t come at the expense of the mansion’s antique ambience. The original moldings, handcrafted bookshelves, and other design fixtures have been preserved—as has a cast iron urinal. The 6000-square-foot home, which sits on an acre of land, boasts five or six bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a separate guest house which itself has two or three bedrooms. The main estate also houses an unfinished attic that, as far as the owners know, is devoid of any undead vengeful demons.

stranger things creel house bedroom

A watchful buck to protect you. / Andy Edwards / Toles, Temple & Wright, Inc. Real Estate (Rome, GA)

Anyone interested in making Claremont House their own house can check out the listing from Toles, Temple & Wright, Inc. here.

[h/t New York Post]

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