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updated: Jun 14, 2019

Larson Electronics, a Texas-based company with over 40 years of experience spearheading the industrial lighting and equipment sectors, announced the release of a 120-volt, cart-mounted forced air heater, providing 630 CFM of airflow and 190,000 BTUs. This unit features a 13-gallon fuel tank and runs on kerosene/diesel fuel.

The GAU-KFA-PH-190K-TST 120V cart-mounted forced air heater can be used indoors and outdoors. This unit is capable of heating spaces of up to 4,750 square feet and operates on 120V AC 60Hz. This compact heater gives operators access to a 13-gallon tank and air pressure with fuel and thermostat gauges for real-time monitoring. This unit consumes kerosene/diesel (CSA certified to run on #1 and #2 diesel fuel, JP8/Jet A fuel and #1 and #2 fuel oil) at a rate of 1.42 gallons per hour, with a max runtime of nine hours on a full tank.

Larson Electronics’ cart-mounted forced air heater offers safety features that include high temperature shut off, flame out fuel cut and thermocouple. This unit comes with a three-foot power cord for completing electrical connections and an extension cord wrap. This unit is mounted on a cart with two wheels, with front and rear handles for easy portability. This unit is suitable for use at construction sites, warehouses, commercial spaces, industrial facilities and more.

About Larson Electronics LLC: Larson Electronics LLC is a manufacturer of industrial lighting equipment and accessories. The company offers an extensive catalog of industry-grade lighting and power distribution products for the following sectors: manufacturing, construction, food processing, oil and gas, military, marine and automobile. Customers can benefit from the company’s hands-on, customized approach to lighting solutions. Larson Electronics provides expedited service for quotes, customer support and shipments.

For further information, please contact:

Rob Bresnahan, President and CEO

Toll-free: 1-888-351-2363

Int’l: 214-616-6180

Fax: 903-498-3364

Email: [email protected]

Source: Larson Electronics

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