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Tristan Thompson stops by Kylie Jenner’s house to have a candid conversation about the mistakes he’s made in the past, mainly his cheating scandal that included Jordyn Woods. Kylie, 26, previously said that Tristan, 32, cheating on Khloé Kardashian was “unforgivable.” However, when Tristan reaches out, she’s willing to hear what he has to say.

“It really bothers me because like we’ve always had such a dope relationship, and I feel like everyone got affected differently, but I think you were affected the most by a situation with losing a sister basically. You lost Jordyn, who was a big part of your life,” Tristan tells Kylie.

The NBA player goes on to apologize for kissing Jordyn, 26, in 2019 and the subsequent drama that followed. He acknowledges his “poor decisions” and admits he was a “f**king idiot.”

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods at Coachella. (Hagop Kalaidjian/BFA/Shutterstock)

Kylie responds, “I think I was so co-dependent with Jordyn that I could have never imagined my life without her. We would have probably still been like living together, and I think she needed to grow without me. I needed to grow without her, but you know, Jordyn and I are cool. We still talk and catch up. We’re good.”

Tristan asks Kylie to apologize to Jordyn on his behalf. “She went through a lot during that time too and [it] probably gave her a lot of flack,” he says. Tristan adds that he’s “the reason why that relationship went a different direction.”

The makeup mogul tells Tristan that he has a “good heart and good energy.” Tristan admits that his bad decisions were a result of being “selfish and not really like understanding the value of good people.”

Even though Kylie has moved on from the Jordyn aspect of the scandal, she reveals that it’s “just hard to forgive” Tristan for hurting her big sister. Tristan just wants to gain everyone’s trust back, and he’s been working hard to make amends. New episodes of The Kardashians premiere Thursdays on Hulu.

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