Killer Instinct is back with a 10th anniversary update later this year

Killer Instinct fans, rejoice, as the classic fighting game will be receiving a 10th anniversary update later this year.

It’s EVO at the moment, essentially Christmas for the fighting game community, and there have already been plenty of announcements that players have been plenty excited about. One of the most surprising, though, is that yesterday (August 5), it was announced that Killer Instinct would be getting an update later this year to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Fighting game player and YouTuber Maximilian Dood and head of Killer Instinct James Goddard shared the news following some exhibition matches, where it was announced the game would be receiving a series of improvements.

“Our friends Iron Galaxy are back!” tweeted the official Killer Instinct Twitter account. “And together, we’re bringing you Killer Instinct’s free 10th Anniversary Update later this year – including a balance update, improved matchmaking, and 4K support for Series X|S. More info coming soon!” No more specifics were shared outside of that, but it’s an exciting prospect for players that have stuck with the game after all this time.

“We’re doing a balance update and a major, major upgrade to all PlayFab services,” said Goddard of the update. “Matchmaking’s a lot smoother, tournaments are easier and more KI for the next ten years.”

The original Killer Instinct was made by Banjo and Kazooie developer Rare, with this reboot having been made by Double Helix Games, releasing in 2013. Iron Galaxy took over development when Double Helix was acquired by Amazon, where the former handled all post-launch content. As noted in the tweet, Iron Galaxy will continue to work on the game with this upcoming anniversary update.

There’s no word on when this update might drop, though if it is planned to coincide with the game’s anniversary, we can probably expect it sometime in November.

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