Jurors heard an 80-minute long interview Friday between former friend of Megan Thee StallionKelsey Harris, and prosecutors, where she identified Tory Lanez as the shooter, despite testifying otherwise during trial this week.

Judge Herriford had just ruled in favor of allowing prosecutors to play the tape just a day beforehand, after only small portions of it were played on Wednesday, The Shade Room reported.

Jurors Hear Kelsey’s September Interview With Prosecutors, The Contents Of Which Directly Contradict Her Testimony This Week

The tape contains Harris’s September interview with prosecutors, according to Law & Crime, where she not only ID’d Lanez as the gunman responsible for shooting Meg in the foot back in July 2020, but also contradicted much of what she has said during her testimony this week.

During day four of the Tory Lanez trial, Harris had disavowed her claim on the witness stand, in a startling back-flip that prosecutors appeared to attribute to pressure from the defendant.

The judge’s approval was considered a major win for prosecutors who are looking to convict Lanez, with jurors being able to hear the witness’s full and unedited remarks from September, before Harris’s sudden story reversal.

On Thursday, Lanez’ lawyer George Mgdesyan, repeatedly questioned Harris about the interview, and asked her if prosecutors had pressured her to make a statement, the outlet reports.

Harris testified Thursday, “I felt like I had to” when Mgdesyan asked her about being pressured.

“Your goal was to incriminate my client and keep yourself out of it?” Mgdesyan asked.

“No,” Harris answered.

Harris Claims Tory Lanez Shot Meg In September Interview, But Testified Otherwise Throughout Trial This Week

Deputy District Attorney Alexander Bott told Herriford that Lanez’s attorney’s questions about Harris’ September interview with prosecutors were “unacceptable” and “unprofessional,” and had “opened the door for the entire” recording of Harris’ interview to be played because it will show Harris was only told to tell the truth.

In her testimony, Harris, 27, repeatedly told Deputy District Attorney Kathy Ta that she wasn’t truthful in that September interview, and added she never saw Lanez shoot Megan Thee Stallion, unlike what she said in the Sept. 20 interview.

The September 2022 recording reportedly contains Kelsey Harris as she describes the moment Tory Lanez allegedly shot MeganTheeStallion. Kelsey said, “He’s shooting over the top of the door. He was leaning over the front passenger door, and he was shooting the gun, according to Law & Crime.

Megan was walking away when this happened, but by the 3rd or 4th shot, she was facing toward us, and I would describe it as like a deer in headlights.” Kelsey also said that Tory allegedly threatened to shoot her, and she said, “If you shoot me, you shoot me.”

During that 80-minute long September interview, Harris also detailed the entire shooting, telling prosecutors how Lanez had threatened to shoot her and then pulled her out of the Escalade by her hair.

On Wednesday, Ta repeatedly attempted to establish that Harris was actually being truthful in the September interview, all while Harris maintained otherwise. Ta even went so far as to tell Harris that the immunity she had been granted for her testimony does not cover perjury.

Perjury is lying under oath or while on the stand. Prosecutors are implying that Harris either lied about the shooting in September or during her testimony throughout Lanez’ trial this week, thus weakening her position as a credible witness, the outlet reports.

Ta grilled her about the September interview, so much that at one point Harris told Judge Herriford, “your honor, I don’t remember our conversation from September. She keeps asking me the same things,” but the questioning continued.

Court Hears Kelsey Harris’ 2020 Diss Track Against Former Friend, Employer Megan Thee Stallion

Meanwhile, during the fourth day of trial on Thursday, the defense also mentioned Kelsey Harris’ 2020 diss track “Bussin’ Back” against former friend and employer Megan Thee Stallion, likely to stir up doubt over whether Lanez was in fact the gunman.

Harris appeared not to remember the lyrics. However, she did confirm that Meg did not shoot herself, according to the outlet.

Lanez’ attorney George Mgdesyan continued to press her on the insulting rap lyrics written about Meg, in particular the phrase “I’m taking shots at you.”

“I’m sure you’re aware of how rap lyrics go,” Harris replied.

Lanez, who is charged with assault with semiautomatic firearm and intentional discharge of a firearm, with negligent discharge also an option. He faces a maximum of 22 years and 8 months if convicted.

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