Strong Girl Nam-Soon became one of the most successful K-dramas on Netflix in 2023. With the series nearing its end, network JTBC confirmed that viewers can expect a third installment.

The two Strong Girl series have turned out to be box office hits. While Strong Girl Bong-Soon starred Park Bo-Young and Park Hyung-Sik, Strong Girl Nam-Soon features Lee Yoo-Mi, Ong Seong-Wu, and Byeon Woo-Seok in lead roles.

The reports of the franchise returning for Season 3 have been doing rounds for some time. Meanwhile, Strong Girl Nam-Soon has only two episodes left.

JTBC on Strong Girl series Season 3: ‘We have plans for another installment’

Strong Girl Bong-Soon premiered in 2017 and Strong Girl Nam-Soon arrived after six years. Both the K-dramas are available on Netflix.

Seeing the success rate of both series, making a third installment was reportedly in talks. Newsen’s Monday report released JTBC’s official statement. It reads, “We have plans for a follow-up series, but we are currently concentrating on writing other works.”

Hence, Season 3 is in the planning stage. The previous installment’s writer was Baek Mi-Kyeong and the director was Kim Jung-Sik. 

The background of the Strong Girl series revolves around a young woman with superhuman powers that she inherits from her mother’s side. Park Bo-Young’s Strong Girl Bong-Soon focused on Bong-Soon’s strength and her romance with Park Hyung-Sik. The ongoing second installment, on the other hand, is about Lee Yoo-Mi’s Nam-Soon fighting crime with her mother and grandmother.

Strong Girl Nam-Soon finale episode release date

Strong Girl Nam-Soon consists of 16 episodes. So far, 14 have been released, and the rest two will air in the coming weekend on Netflix and JTBC.

While episode 15 airs on Saturday, November 25, 2023, the finale (episode 16) will premiere on Sunday, November 26, 2023. The final episode is set to be intense as Ryu Si-O found out the real Gang Nam-Soon in episode 14. It will also explore the romantic relationship between Nam-Soon and Detective Kang Hee-Sik.

Catch new and old episodes of Strong Girl Nam-Soon on Netflix.

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