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Late night hosts anticipated former President Donald Trump’s announcement on Tuesday that he would run for the presidency in 2024, which Jimmy Kimmel called “the moment none of us have been waiting for.

He then referred to Trump’s campaign as “a bid to become the first American to lose the popular vote three times in a row.”

“For real though, man, it’s a simple question: Do you support Trump or not? I can’t believe Mike Pence is the one leaving us hanging.” — TREVOR NOAH

“He doesn’t want to go too hard against Trump, because he’s still hoping to win over Trump’s voters if he runs for president, which is so delusional. Trump’s people were the ones who wanted to kill him. The only reason they would elect him president is so they know for sure where he lived.” — TREVOR NOAH

“If Pence was president, forget China — Canada would be invading. Yeah it would just be like: ‘Oh, sorry, we’re just going to take Oregon, eh? Just seems so easy, sorry, sorry, eh?’” — TREVOR NOAH

Jon Stewart joined the “The Late Show” band on the drums for a rendition of the Commodores’ hit, “Brick House.”

“Wicked” star Idina Menzel will appear on Wednesday’s “Late Late Show.”

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