“‘I Got You’ funnily enough, I wrote in about 15-20 minutes,” shares the pop artist. “Mark (Feist) was producing the beat and I was sitting on the couch behind him, listening to what he was doing. It was just so great that I immediately had a million ideas and the melody and lyrics came to me very naturally.” 

This upbeat and empowering synth pop song, which was produced by legendary producer Mark J. Feist and released by Hitmakers Entertainment, is about confidence, about how drawing attention to yourself and knowing your worth is a positive thing that everybody should be doing. “I wrote it wanting to make everyone who listened to it feel good energy and a little strength even.”

Shanice’s voice is sweet and powerful, similar to that of Billie Eilish meets Ariana Grande, while her music is a reflection of her diverse upbringing, drawing inspiration from a variety of genres, including Pop, R&B, 80s music, and jazz, and influence from the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Jamie Cullum, Gang of Youths, Hozier, and so much more.

At the age of 14, she competed in the German version of the nationally televised and worldwide franchise The Voice Kids, finishing as runner-up among a competition field of over 2,000 singers. 

After high school, Shanice moved to Surrey, England to attend the very exclusive performing arts boarding school Hurtwood House, on their highest scholarship, which she earned over many other qualified candidates. Hurtwood House is considered one of the most exclusive private performing arts schools in the world, with alumni including Emily Blunt, Hans Zimmer, and many more. While there, Shanice studied music and performance, and she continued to write and record her own songs. 

After graduating from Hurtwood House, Shanice went on to study music at Leeds Conservatoire, receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Pop Music. While there, she connected with Mark Feist, famed producer (Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, John Legend, etc) and Hitmakers Entertainment Label Head, who signed her immediately upon graduation.

“Breakthrough” combines traditional Japanese instrumentation and the conventional musical style of hip hop with contemporary R&B. It’s reminiscent of Missy Elliot meets Ludacris and Chaka Khan.

The song explores the theme of how women are seen across societies and cultures. Inspired by Will Smith’s incident at the 2022 Academy Awards show, Eri was shocked by the response, especially among her Japanese community.

“I saw some messages on Twitter by Japanese people (including women) that supported Mr. Smith. I was shocked,” shares Eri. “I was like, do people still treat women like children in Japan? and they assume that we can’t do anything without men. The most crazy part is that women accepted it. I believe that it’s a remnant of Japanese traditions that a woman must trust her man and just follow him. It comes from the Edo era like 300 to 400 years ago. It has been handed down through generations. These views don’t match with modern life and have to be changed. That’s why I wrote this song.”

Eri Blossom is a NYC based singer, rapper and songwriter wrapping up people’s minds like petals of Japanese Cherry Blossom with an R&B and hip-hip rooted sounds. Her words flutter between Japanese and English with a sassy attitude and a rawness that comes from her soul. Her music is strongly influenced by Japanese and American culture, which shows listeners a view they’ve never seen.

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Growing up in Japan with parents who loved American and British culture, it wasn’t difficult for her to get into classic R&B and Hip-Hop such as Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, TLC, Tupac, Janet Jackson, and more. After she moved to Tokyo from her hometown to continue her music study, she had opportunities to sing at night clubs and was able to visit NYC to take the class by the daughter of Ray Charles, Sheila Raye Charles. 

During the trip, she had some opportunities to do street performances and interact with the audience. This experience convinced her to move to NYC. Since her move, she has earned a bachelor’s degree in Jazz studies from the City College of New York where she expanded her influence to Jazz music. She has also performed in open mics at well-known music venues in New York City, such as Village Underground, Ashford and Simpson’s Sugar Bar, Harlem Nights, The Groove and Negril BK.

The progressive rock band Night Wilds are gearing up for the release of their debut album, the 17 song concept album All That Should Have Been. Building on the release of the album’s first four chapters that narrate the overall story and situation of the album, the alt rock and lightly metal song “New Jerusalem” steps away from narration and into the more traditional song structure.
The rock opera chronicles the story of a boy trapped in a cruel circus desperately performing for a madman ringleader. “New Jerusalem,” the emotional center of the story, continues the story of the young boy that was hinted at in the early chapters. He is raised by very religious parents, with a father who is deeply concerned about his image, and a mother whose life and identity is about the preservation of this image and her role in it. The boy who deals with abuse and violence at home is forced to constantly present a perfect image. He has blood on his collar in the opening scene but works to hide this as he dresses. 
The story talks about the ‘war’ that is raging both within and without and the pressure to pretend that it is in fact not real and not happening. It also begins to tell the story of how the children of wars carry the trauma forward, without even knowing, that is held generationally and transferred from parent to child, without them even knowing. These are the ‘children of war’. 
The song crests with the internal voice screaming ‘cover your scars tonight, cover your tear stained eyes’ and the pressing urgent need to hide all that is wretched and painful from the world. The song then breaks into a refrain internalized from his mother, ‘stop crying or I’ll give you a reason to cry’ and this builds and builds in its sweet desperation inside his mind until he has fully locked himself into a cage in his soul and the lights go dark. 

All That Should Have Been unfolds with cinematic scenery, dramatic turns of events, and literate lyrics teeming with metaphors, and painful realizations. Tucked inside this saga is Seth’s own story of working to emerge from darkness and addiction into light. 

“Because Reasons Revisited” is the first from the upcoming revisited series of songs originally released as rough demos. All of these songs, including “Because Reasons,” have been remixed and remastered using a combination of studio upgrades and AI tools.  “When the songs first came to me, my gear and studio was in sort of flux and was really just a place to write. So, computer power was low and postproduction aka the bring it to market stuff wasn’t there,” shares Animals in Denial. 

The lyrical inspiration came from his experience participating in the Industrial goth scene and not having a good time. The older generations were flooding him with negative energy, thoughts, and advice, complaining about everything to do with being an artist. “I got told I was young and naive and to do less stuff because it’s not worth it,” he shares. “I was constantly told about  the cost, and generally given a ton of bad advice from a bunch of brilliant but super jaded artists.”

This sentiment that nobody cares so why bother caused him to pull back and eventually disappear from that community. But he saw people who’s drive for making music was stronger than the fight. So, Because Reasons really embraces that idea that his music may never get Animals in Denial in the rock and roll hall of fame or win him a grammy but at least he did it.

As an old-school Rock N Roller who longs for the days of 80s and 90s rock, Animals in Denial is inspired by a wide range of musical artists such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Nirvana, and Cheap Trick, among others, to create a unique sound that blends elements from different genres while staying true to his rock roots.

Music is a universal language that transcends cultural, linguistic, and societal barriers. Animals in Denial embraces this notion, using his art to bridge gaps and bring people together. He believes that through music, he can foster understanding, unity, and empathy among diverse individuals, fostering a sense of shared humanity. He encourages his audience to embrace their individuality & express themselves without fear or judgment.

Gearing up for her biggest and most personal season yet, multi-platinum recording artist Coi Leray presents a dynamic new EP entitled Blue Moon out now via Uptown Records/Republic Records. Listen HERE.

Once again, the project finds Coi firing on all cylinders, using her songwriting as a diary to reveal her unique perspective on life. She laces highly quotable bars with irresistible hooks, showcasing her lyrical acumen and impressive vocal delivery at the same time. She opens up the world of Blue Moon with the single and music video “Isabel Marant. Ethereal production underscores her breathy verses as she reminds, “They can’t fuck with Coi Leray. It culminates on a hypnotic hook that’s impossible to shake. The accompanying visual intercuts vignettes of Coi underwater, shimmering in blue glitter, and ruling this fever dream like a bossed-up high fashion mermaid.

Connecting deeper with her fans, she passionately shared on Instagram, “This EP, I get vulnerable. I got tired of “trying” new things and wanted to just do what I do BEST. I have a hard time with telling my story because I get wrapped up in the media narratives, however music is the best way for me to tell it. Sorry I can’t argue with yall on the internet all day. It’s my life, my story, so why not let me tell it? Shit.. at least give me a chance to. The amount of pressure I have on me in the music industry is wild. I mean, who knew I would be walking red carpets and stages with the same icons I listened to growing up. Being nominated or sitting next to ICONS on the Billboard charts in my lil 5-year run. I’m just grateful to have come this far. Just like @bustarhymes said, “who am I to judge someone who’s journey isn’t finished?” Enjoy – Coi”

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It just continues a prolific summer for the superstar. She recently dropped her self-titled album, COI. It included the multiplatinum mega-smash “Players” and earned unanimous critical acclaim. HYPEBEAST proclaimed, Leray is ready to prove herself once again on the new COI, and HipHopDX raved, Leray returns triumphant on sophomore effort COI – a follow-up that strips out the excessive features and autotune, and returns the focus to Leray’s eclectic set of influences, talent for pop hooks, and sex-positive flow.” HotNewHipHop also attested, “This new project features 16 tracks that are both catchy and engaging.

Simultaneously, she has continued to make waves in the fashion world as one of the culture’s hottest crossover stars. Her presence has already proven inescapable, appearing on one cover after another for the likes of NUMEROPAPERUPROXX, and EUPHORIA. Not to mention, she has shined in features by WV MagazineInterviewEllei-D, and more with high-fashion spreads. All of this just sets the stage for more moves in fashion as she cements herself as a style icon.

It’s Blue Moon season now!

Viral Nigerian artist Salle follows up the hotly anticipated release of her breakout
single “Icon” with a candid new visual component – her first release since signing
with Black Butter Records (UK) / Sony Music Africa.
Warmly inviting listeners in with hazy piano chords, “Icon” builds to a swaying
Afrobeats rhythm helmed by East London’s ATG Musick – setting the scene for the
rising artist to deliver insightful, vulnerable lyrics sensitively discussing the journey of
overcoming self-doubt and imposter syndrome to dream big: “Everyone that said I
wouldn’t make noise / I guarantee I’m gonna be the next one,” Salle triumphantly
In a sweet moment of manifestation, the message behind “Icon” has instantly
connected with audiences who have found comfort in the track’s raw lyrics, helping
“Icon” become one of the hottest TikTok sounds of recent times – enjoying over 5K
daily creations as well as over 3.5M likes, 70M views and soundtracking over 175K
creations on the platform so far.
Speaking about the track, Salle said the following: “Writing ICON was the only
means of conveying how big and unrealistic my dream seems as I battle with doubts.
Listening to ICON over again is a constant reminder that I’m allowed to dream big –
no matter what.”

Norwegian alternative R&B-soul singer-songwriter Beharie shares the smooth, dreamy track and lyric video “We Never Knew” out everywhere now. The track’s ethereal production captures the mixed emotions that come with a relationship ending quicker than it was supposed to. Atwood Magazine exclusively premiered the track and calling it, “passionate and smoldering,” adding, “Beharie’s soul-stirring song ‘We Never Knew’ delivers an achingly intimate and emotionally charged postmortem on a love he thought might last a lifetime.”

Beharie’s rich, layered debut album Are You There, Boy? is due out October 20 and is available for pre-order now. Alongside the new release, Beharie announces a lengthy tour across Northern and Western Europe as well as a stop in London, UK. Tickets are on sale now via beharieofficial.com/tour-dates and a full list of dates can be found below.

Out today, the soulful “We Never Knew” looks back at a relationship that was thought to last forever. Painting the picture for its overall theme, Beharie says, “In the heat of it all. When you lose yourself in it. How things made sense, and how the bad things were ignored. But little did we know that we would end up being strangers.”

Surprise Baby is the Los Angeles based project of musician and songwriter Sarsten Noice and producer Claire Morison. Described as rock and roll cowboy meets indie pop, the two, who are originally from Northwest Montana, use their long-standing relationship as friends and creative partners to craft a sound which is both authentic and captivating. 

Their upcoming EP is a result of Surprise Baby refusing to be pigeon-holed and see’s the two exploring a realm of different genres and sounds. Following the release of their debut single “Poison the Well,” “Motorcycle” is the second track from the EP and details a commentary on the feeling of escapism. It is a mostly fictional narrative on the desire to escape a relationship, specifically on a motorcycle heading to New York. Noice shares, “Call it a quarter life crisis, call it fear of commitment, the feeling is that of running away. There is also a sentiment of not wanting your partner to worry over you, and making the unrealistic promise that you won’t die on the road. The fact that the narrator believes so deeply they won’t die while simultaneously desiring to be as close to danger as possible is the irony of the song itself.” 

“Motorcycle” shimmers with muted, jangly guitars, mellow melodies and celestial harmonies, creating an iridescent soundscape that you can truly lose yourself within. 

Not afraid to speak her truth, Noice shares how she uses songwriting as a way to process her internal world and give intense emotions a way out of her body. She shares, “I try to create imagery that accurately captures a specific feeling and then allow myself to build lyrics in an abstract way, opposed to straightforward storytelling. This I hope leaves the songs open to the listeners’ interpretation.”

The highly anticipated upcoming EP will see Surprise Baby continue to touch on themes surrounding relationships, self-growth, spirituality and transformation.

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I’m a public figure in American philanthropy and a little-known figure in American music, and looking to change that!

My first band was with my mother and my sister Nancy. My mother would lead us around the kitchen table on the second-floor of our two-family house in Malden, Massachusetts banging pots and pans and we’d all sing, “McNamara’s Band” at the top of our lungs.

I’m gay and my husband and partner of twenty-two years and I have fifteen year-old… triplets. Yes, three of them. I’ve been writing songs for forty years, but took about a thirty-year break in the middle to create the AIDSRides, the Breast Cancer 3-Day walks, and the Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention walks. We had 182,000 people take part in one of these epic, heroic journeys. They raised nearly $600 million in nine years—more money raised more quickly for those causes than any events in history, and were the subject of a Harvard Business School case study. In September of 2022, we had a documentary movie come out based on my book, “Uncharitable,” about the need to liberate the nonprofit sector to its true potential. It features Edward Norton, and the heads of TED, the Ford Foundation, the Nature Conservancy, Charity:Water and many other organizations. Stephen Gyllenhaal directed it. My TED talk on charity is the 16th most commented TED talk of all time. I’ve written five books, served on two school boards, and sang the national anthem at a Los Angeles Rams game, and did not forget the words!

My music and my commitment to making a difference in the world are inseparable. I try to write songs about the human condition, as experienced by all kinds of human beings across all manner of circumstance, and songs about the possibility of a world that could work for everyone.

Los Angeles-based electro-pop duo able machines announces their futuristic self-produced sophomore album Digital Precision due out September 29 and available for pre-order now. Alongside the announcement, the pair share the first taste of the project with “Evidence” out now and its accompanying cinematic, self-directed video. With its Swedish pop influence, the latest track defiantly chooses self-love over a toxic relationship.

To celebrate the LP release, able machines will perform live at their official album release show in Los Angeles at Gold Diggers on September 6. Tickets are available now here.

Digital Precision, the forthcoming self-produced second album by able machines, moves into uncharted emotional and musical territory for the pair. “I think for both of us, writing this album was a cathartic purging of emotions,” says vocalist Tay Côlieé“Each song is a little glimpse into the inner workings of our brains and how we navigate the tangled dynamics of angsty love.” Over a varied set of 12 tracks, the project allows the duo to strikingly expand their sonic universe using punchy, futuristic production and timely, thoughtful lyricism–written and produced entirely by the two artists in Los Angeles. With their second album, the pair is able to expand on the work they’ve made and experiment with their influences. Côlieé says, “Stylistically, this second album gave us an opportunity to dive deeper into developing our sound. We had fun pulling elements from our background in different musical genres — like my love of Fiona Apple and Elliot Smith, Linus’ punk/metal upbringing and then melding all that into the electropop sphere.” The majority of Digital Precision was mixed by Seth Earnest (Tessa Violet) and mastered by Paul Logus (Anthrax, Notorious B.I.G.). 

“Evidence,” out today, is an empowering, Swedish pop-influenced earworm with an irresistible baseline and dreamy vocals. Côlieé says, “We wrote this as sort of a response to breaking out of toxic relationship patterns and realizing your own worth.” The album was already written when the track made its way into their lives, but they saw something special in it and dropped everything to record it. Côlieé adds, “Musically, it’s our tribute to our favorite Scandinavian artists.”

Japan, Man return with their stellar new single ‘Wormhole’ alongside brand new visualizer. 

Watch the video HERE

Listen HERE

Rich and dreamy, Wormhole arrives as a courageous offering written when Laeticia Acra was just 15-years-old. Expressing her fears of rejection, the effortlessly unique new single is an honest and articulate reminder not to change yourself to please others.

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Sharing more Laeticia shares: I grew up with a hesitation to socialize, and I felt like whenever I did manage to keep a friend around, the fear of them leaving was always apparent, it was like a bomb waiting to go off.  

The way you can jump through a wormhole, figuratively, to alter your personality to survive socially is exhausting, but sometimes so necessary to get by. I’d stay in horrible, isolating social situations, just to feel surrounded. I could’ve been surrounded by statues, and I would have been satisfied. Personal growth takes so much time. It took me years to get over this, but when I did, I actually felt like there was substance in my friendships, and relationships. 

The release of Wormhole arrives as the follow-up to ‘Nowhere To Hide’, which arrived last month as a funk-laden drop of catharsis. Warmly received by fans and critics alike, the track scooped support from Colors x Studio, Wonderland and DIY mag who described the track as an ‘irresistibly foot-tapping, head-nodding number’. Born from navigating the intensity of emotion, it sits in line with today’s new single, which is another stand-out moment ahead of a second EP, coming later in the year.

Oracle Sisters release a new video for “Ruby On The Run,” drawn from their acclaimed debut album Hydranism out now via indie label 22TWENTY. The video comes just before their upcoming headline run of dates in North America, beginning in two weeks.

“Ruby On The Run” showcases Oracle Sisters’ now trademark penchant for gorgeously cinematic music videos – shot on location in Morocco. The track prominently features drummer Julia’s stunning vocals, underpinned by Latin rhythms and lush strings, it truly highlights the band’s formidability across multiple genres and styles. Directed by Jade de Brito Lopes, the video, set in the alleyways of Marrakesh stars Lewis and Chris as two detectives hot on the trail of a golden suitcase which is in the possession of ‘Ruby’ – played by Julia – Watch.

“Ruby On The Run” is the final video for the band’s Hydranism era – which will be seen off with the band’s first US Headline Tour commencing, in September. After this they will be retreating to start work on their highly anticipated follow up album.

Backline, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides mental health and wellness resources to the music industry and their family members announces Handle With Care – a World Mental Health Day Benefit and Tom Petty Tribute featuring performances by Wynonna Judd, Brittney SpencerCharles Wesley Godwin, Ella LangleyMaggie RoseSierra HullVince Herman, Derek Wells, and more on 10/10/23 at Brooklyn Bowl Nashville. Handle with Care is presented by Master Tour, the music industry’s leading software for touring and logistics, Gateway Studios & Production Services, a world-class live touring rehearsal complex and production services company, and ACM Lifting Lives, the philanthropic partner of the Academy of Country Music.

Ahead of the benefit show, Backline will be hosting the inaugural two-day Harmony In Practice Clinical Training Workshops for mental health providers. Backline maintains a clinical community of 582+ vetted providers across all 50 states. These providers accept referrals from Backline’s Case Management program, where music industry professionals are able to receive custom mental health care plans. 

The Harmony in Practice Clinical Training Workshops will be led by music industry professionals and licensed providers, and will cover Backline’s firsthand experience, profession-specific situations, and effective treatment approaches, equipping providers with invaluable skills and tools to effectively support their clients. Providers and sessions include the following:

  • Ari Jacobson, LCPC, NCC (Working with members of the music industry, the need for resources in the music industry, and open discussion)
  • Heather Monroe, LCSW (Working with Relational Trauma in the Music Industry)
  • Danielle Archer, EdD, LMHC (Family Systems in the Music Industry)
  • Dorian Lamis, PhD, ABPP (Suicide Assessment, Intervention, and Safety Planning in the Music Industry)
  • Janey Brown: (Fear to Fearce: Embrace your Dark Side, Unleash Your Mental Warrior)

The workshops are open to all mental health providers within the United States interested in serving the music community. Harmony in Practice is sponsored by Warner Chappell Music. These trainings have been approved to receive 10 Continuing Education credits (CEs) to counselors and therapists through the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC), and is pending approval to offer CEs to social workers. 

Clinical Training tickets are $225 and include entry to the Handle with Care Concert on October 10th. Scholarship opportunities are available for a limited number of counselors, therapists and social workers in the BIPOC & LGBTQ community, by application only.

Handle with Care General Admission tickets are $45 in advance. VIP Boxes and Bowling Lanes for 8 people start at $3,500, and include premium viewing areas, open bar, and food by NYC’s Blue Ribbon. 

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More information and tickets can be found at: https://www.backline.care/nashville-2023/ 

Nashville-based artist and producer Jack Vinoy reveals hazy sun kissed jam ‘VAGABOND’ featuring Jordan Xx 

Watch the video HERE

Stream the track HERE

Weightless and intoxicating, VAGABOND is a superb new offering to come from emerging artist Jack Vinoy. The collaboration with Jordan Xx came naturally after both artists aligned creatively when their respective projects brought them together. 

The inspiration for VAGABOND came from existing outside on warm summer days, with an overriding message to enjoy your life the best you can. Sharing more Jack explained; Usually on summer days, I’ll be sitting listening to music that makes me feel that warmth, so I make reference a handful of my favorite songs & albums like that in the lyrics: Wings – Band on the Run, Frank Ocean’s Blonde, On & On – Erykah Badu, and Eight Days A Week – The Beatles.

The sun will keep rising and setting with or without you, so you may as well enjoy your life & do what you want to do – Not in a depressed way though, just like, go be yourself.

VAGABOND follows last month’s genre bending anthem ‘EVEREST HEIGHTS’. The release seamlessly fused slick r&b, warm-indie and alt-rap. The reveal of VAGABOND puts another spin on polymath Jack Vinoy’s style, making it clear he’s an impressively diverse artist to watch. 

Spanish indie-rock band – LAGUNA GOONS – have shared new track “Runaway Massacre”, taken from their EP ‘Teachers’.

An indie-rock freight train that pins together livewire guitar lines with runaway riffs, the new track sees Laguna Goons nod deftly to many of the UK-based bands that inspire them while keeping things fresh with a fun-fuelled twist.

Described by the band as “a taste of pure nerve with a catchy chorus”, “Runaway Massacre” strikes a stellar balance between infectious energy and agitated angst. Laguna Goons’ go-to closer for most of their live shows, the band explain of the track’s origin: 

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“It’s about a traumatic experience we had surfing: the water taking you to the wrong place, and how surfing isn’t for the faint of heart.” 

Taken from the band’s ‘Teachers’ EP, the extended release will see “Runaway Massacre” accompanied by four new tracks including “Locked Up”, “Instinto Natural” and the fuzzy title-track “Teachers”, which teeters on the anxiety-inducing line between grunge-laden garage rock and danceable anthemic indie. 

Laguna Goons are Thiago Pesaresi Gomez (vocals, lead guitar), Pablo Rodríguez Benítez (guitar), Wouter Bruins (drums) and David Jakobi (bass). Heavily inspired by the UK indie music scene — and one of the only band’s in Spain to be making their distinctive brand of indie-rock — the band describe their sound as “danceable nervous garage with grunge and Britpop references.”

Having played at venues across their home country, the band have also appeared at a range of festivals including Bilbao BBK Live, Cala Mijas Festival and BIME Live. Alongside the release of their new EP ‘Teachers’, Laguna Goons will also be heading to UK shores this Autumn for a handful of live shows. Heading to London, Cardiff and Bristol, find full dates and details below. 


09/29 The Troubadour (London) + The Deniros + A.R.T. + Tokyo Toy Co. – TICKETS

09/30 Fuel Rock Club (Cardiff) + Tokyo Toy Co.

10/01 Crofters Rights (Bristol) + Tokyo Toy Co.

Last week, the extraordinary talent that is Lauren Dejey shared her newest single “Solar”, which will soon be part of her forthcoming EP, altogether showcasing her true potential as an emerging alt-pop artist. Today, she has released a stunning music video to accompany the track, which sees her glowing in the warm light of the “red moon”.

Take a listen to “Solar” here and watch the visualiser here 

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Sonically, the new track is rich in a colorful, electronic ambiance, which is blended seamlessly with Lauren’s silky smooth vocals. There is a distinct drive and urgency in her vocals, through the raw passion for her craft being at the heart of everything she creates.  

Speaking further on the creation of the track, Lauren expresses; “Solar’ is a sonic polaroid of one night in June last year. Sat on a rooftop on a warm Summer’s evening, creeping over the London skyline was a huge red moon. It felt like the universe had put it there just for us, so we wrote this song the next day.”

“Solar” follows Dejey’s previous release “I’m Not Ready” last month, which set her up for an exciting new chapter in her career. With each new release Lauren Dejey proves herself to be an exciting new artist on the rise, bursting with potential, which “Solar” wholeheartedly continues to reflect. 

Keep up to date with Lauren Dejey on Instagram 

Fast-rising hip hop artist Akintoye has released his new single “Fuck Em Up Moses,” out now on all DSPs. Produced by Dan Vucko, “Fuck Em Up Moses” is a display of clever lyricism, spotlighting his unfiltered bravado and steadfast confidence. Over an aggressive beat of floor-shaking kicks and skittering 808s, the spirited anthem sees Akintoye throwing caution to the wind as he delivers slick bars about the complex musical landscape he occupies. 


“‘Fuck Em Up Moses’ is fighting music,” explains Akintoye“This is the song you quit your job and push tables over on your way out to. This is the theme song for black Air Force 1s. This is strongly worded email music. This is ‘bet you won’t see me outside though’ music.”

Akintoye, who is featured in Rockstar Energy’s latest ‘Grit Behind The Glory‘ campaign, has been making a name for himself as a bombastic performer with his charismatic energy, authentic music, and comedic flair. “Fuck Em Up Moses” follows a string of independent releases from the young rapper including witty single “Respectfully,” collaborative track “Aces” with Idris ElbaConnor Price, and 4Korners, and viral mental-health hit “Pizzazz” which was named a top song of 2022 by ComplexCBC, and Spotify Canada among others. 

The new single also arrives on the heels of the recent announcement for Akintoye’s upcoming show at The Mint in Los Angeles on September 14th. Tickets are available now, more information here.

Andrew Cushin has released his new single “Just Like You’d Want Me To,” the latest single from his highly anticipated debut album Waiting For The Rain, out September 29th via Peter Doherty’s label Strap Originals. Through the track, Andrew brings a fiery tenacity as he weaves a message of personal strength over the acoustic-lined production. The accompanying music video was filmed during Andrew’s recently completed sold-out arena tour across North America supporting Louis Tomlinson and spotlights his bright personality on and off the stage.


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On the track, Andrew shares, “It’s a song about resilience, hope and inner belief, standing tall and knowing that better days are gonna come. ‘We’ll do no wrong if you keep singing along’ is one of my favourite lines from the entire record. It means to me that by the power of music, everything will be okay.”

Throughout the years, borza has collaborated on many records with emerging artists from the Quebec music scene, as well as with international established artists such as Emmylou Harris, the McGarrigle sisters and Lauryn Hill.

He released a first alternative/experimental folk EP called “playing with time” in December 2016 to break the ice and start making his own music. On October 25th 2019 he released his first full length record “Cocoon” that has essences of indie rock, folk & reggae, produced by his friend Malcolm Burn (Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop, Emmylou Harris, Daniel Lanois). His single “Be Amazing” from the “Cocoon” record was added to nearly 500 playlists on Spotify, including editorial playlists such as “Folk & Friends”,“Folk favorites” & other great playlists.

He returns with 2 singles in 2020 collaborating with French artists from Québec & Belgium, a Remix of “Be amazing” in 2021, and 2 other singles “1 on 1”, as well as “As high as you can go” in 2022.

CassiusLife.com, a digital content property owned by iONE Digital has released its August cover featuring rapper and actor Clifford “Method Man” Smith Jr.  In this Cassius cover feature, Smith opens up about is role in the remarkable hip-hop group, the Wu-Tang Clan. He sat with Journalist Alvin Blanco and discussed how hip-hop has evolved since he has started and his flourishing career as an actor.  

“The rhymes that I wrote was to impress these guys, it wasn’t for nobody else. The fact that I was in the forefront…I was always at the forefront. Even when we were first starting out, I would always be in the front ready to grab the mic and perform. Get upset if I couldn’t get on the mic kind of thing.”   

During the one-on-one interview, he shared his perspective on hip hop today and how the genre has continued to set the standard for the generations to come. “You’ve seen how it went from a million-dollar business to a billion-dollar business. Just know this, Hip-Hop sets the trend for a lot of the cultures that we see today. There’s no denying that this music genre has changed the landscape of how music is even listened to or how music is accepted.”

Read The Full Story Here!

Making a major move, two-time GRAMMY® Award-nominated platinum-certified Atlanta hip-hop duo EarthGang (consisting of Olu and WowGr8) have partnered with UnitedMasters. This newly minted strategic venture preserves the integrity of the group’s signature creative vision as UnitedMasters along with Sincethe80s/Dreamville will organically amplify their impact and influence on the culture. UnitedMasters will leverage their artist services, brand, and sync teams to amplify their movement allowing EarthGang to continue their groundbreaking impact while being independent.

“United Masters is the future. Their approach to success and achievement in both art and business is empowering. I’m proud to partner with a company that follows such a sustainable philosophy for working in this industry.” – WowGr8 of EarthGang

“It’s another perfect partnership for artists like us. We feed our Fanbase directly, we receive our fair share of profits. The power is back in the hands of the creatives.” – Olu of EarthGang

“It’s rare to come across artists with such clear creative vision and purpose. EARTHGANG embodies the power of building an authentic community. We could not be more excited to help bring their vision to life.” – Mike Weiss, VP of Music, United Masters

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The critically acclaimed pair—Olu and WowGr8—just unleashed the single and music video “Die Today” as their first release via the new partnership. Listen HERE and watch HERE. Over otherworldly production, they trade vivid bars in viscerally vital cadences, weaving together big screen-worthy storytelling with clever and quotable wordplay. They ponder the phenomenon of an artists’ popularity mushrooming in the wake of their demise with a razor-sharp wit, “Tell me baby if I die today, would you come and kiss my cold face? Would you run up in my bank account?”

SPANISH LOVE SONGS, have announced a UK and EU headline tour for Winter 2024 in support of their brilliant new album ‘No Joy’.

The album which has been global praise, places them at the forefront of the emotive punk scene and alternative scene, and has seen them on sold out shows across the UK on the current Hot Mulligan tour. Stream the album now.

“We’re thrilled to have the chance to come back over again so quickly and visit some of our favorite places on Earth. We’re ready to make up for some lost time and bring No Joy to life on stage properly for the first time.” says Dylan Slocum.

Spanish Love Songs- No Joy Live In Europe 2024
13 January 2024 – Engine Rooms Southampton United Kingdom
14 January 2024 – Waterfront Upstairs Norwich United Kingdom
 16 January 2024 – The Bodega Nottingham United Kingdom
17 January 2024 – The Garage Glasgow United Kingdom
19 January 2024 – Stylus Leeds United Kingdom
20 January 2024 – Club Academy Manchester United Kingdom
21 January 2024 – District Liverpool United Kingdom
23 January 2024 – Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff United Kingdom
24 January 2024 – The Fleece Bristol United Kingdom
 26 January 2024 – O2 Institute 2 Birmingham United Kingdom
27 January 2024 – Electric Ballroom London United Kingdom
28 January 2024 – Chalk Brighton United Kingdom
30 January 2024 – Kavka Antwerp Belgium
31 January 2024 – Gebäude 9 Cologne Germany 
Fri 2 February 2024 – Bahnhof Pauli Hamburg Germany
3 February 2024 – Badehaus Berlin Germany
4 February 2024 – Backstage Club Munich Germany 
6 February 2024 – Arena Wien (Small Hall) Vienna Austria
8 February 2024 – Exil Zurich Switzerland
9 February 2024 –  Oetinger Villa Darmstadt Germany
10 February 2024 – De Helling Utrecht Netherlands

Tickets on sale 7th September 2023

“Flesh It Out” is the new single by NZ / Nashville artist Proteins of Magic, released on 31st of August by New Zealand imprint Particle Recordings.


Operating in the same dark and subversive corners where Fever Ray, Jenny Hval or Bjork may find solace, “Flesh it Out” is a track that arrives shrouded in a mystique all its own, with a strident confidence to defy conventions.

Written while gazing into the flickering flames of an open fire in her current base of Nashville, Proteins of Magic found herself caught in the daze of a flashback in which she had seen a young couple openly having sex during the day on the beach in Aotearoa / New Zealand. As Kelly Steven AKA Proteins of Magic remembers:

The hope and the idealism, the youthful sheen on their skin, being unaware of what life lies ahead for them. That is what triggered the start of the lyrical process. I think the song lays out an emotionally treacherous life for them, a day in the life spanning 10 years and 2min52 seconds.”

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Surrounding surrealistic lyrics with hex-like incantations, tribal rhythms, sinister synthesiser trills, and haunting woodwind sections, PoM creates an unsettling ambience and intimidating presence to send shivers. “If I give you a smile will you resuscitate me?” she coos through gritted teeth. Building to a hypnotic climax, “Flesh It Out” couples brooding instrumentals with a litany of foreboding vocal textures, each representing a disjointed voice of differing lost souls. Foreshadowing a bleak future, these spectres emerge to erode the wide eyed innocence of youth and replace it with existential questions and hollow false promises.

As its title may suggest, “Flesh It Out” was born from within a jam to evoke a spirit that is discernibly raw and immediate, before being layered and moulded repeatedly to find its current recorded form. The finished song spawns, regenerates and severs over its three-minute course, summoning a sense of self determination out of the chaos.

Directed by Ranger Garrett, “Flesh It Out” arrives with an art-house style official video intended to capture a ‘day in the life’ in Nashville. Showing another side of the fluorescent glitz and glamour of the music city, it was shot around various alternative landmarks using a vintage Sony PMW-F3 and Sony Handycam DCR-SX45, including footage of the Dragon Park that was featured in Harmony Korine’s Gummo.

“I liked the idea of it being lo-fi and raw, and I wanted the filming to be like the recording process,” says Kelly of the video. “Less formulated. The cameras were actually literally held together with tape and things were falling apart. I wanted it to be a ‘day in the life’ in Nashville, in a manic, irregular, fractured way.”

Chris Bullinger has released his latest full-length, How To Bleedwhich Americana Highways has called an album that “as a whole is diversified, vivid and easily holds the attention of a listener.” The 12-track collection examines the human condition, exploring the emotions and the struggles of a man aiming to persevere while being dealt an intricate hand. Despite the subjects, Bullinger creates a positive atmosphere, even amid life’s challenges, through effervescent lyrics and an informal and casual songwriting approach. How To Bleed is available to stream or download on all major streaming platforms.

KIANA is a Toronto-based R&B artist, known for her moody, soulful and hypnotic soundscapes. Reflecting feelings of heartbreak and melancholy, the songwriter touches on how growth is often painful but beautiful. With a unique Persian and Dutch upbringing, the artist finds inspiration in the cultures that have raised her.

KIANA is now unveiling the stunning, cinematic music video for “wait on me” ft. Lou Celestino. A tribute to women everywhere, the release showcases women’s power, boldness and bravery when it comes to almost everything in life. The songwriter shares, “The video was inspired by women in Iran who have gone against rules to regain their power and rights by fighting for their freedom to make decisions freely and live unapologetically.”

Narrating the story of two lovers who have been kept apart in a prison-like confinement, we see them calling out for each other throughout the video. The female lead (KIANA) finds an opportunity to make her escape by locking eyes with the prison guard – building sexual tension, and keeping him distracted as she seizes his knife. The storyline was inspired by an Iranian couple who were sentenced after a viral video showed them dancing in front of Iran’s Freedom Tower. The video takes place in Tehran, Iran – but a dystopian sci-fi version of the city. KIANA explains, “Both Sina Dolati, the director, and I are huge fans of slasher and horror films and somehow wanted to incorporate that element through a 90s film style of shooting for the specific final end scene.”  The music video was shortlisted for 8 categories at the Berlin Commercial Festival.Her music has gained recognition from multiple radio stations including Toronto’s Flow 93.5 FM and Vibe 105.5 FM and received immense positive reception from her hometown. Today, KIANA has earned over half a million plays globally and has been featured in publications such as Teen Vogue, Rolling Stone, Wonderland Magazine, Lyrical Lemonade, Ones to Watch and Red Bull Music, to name a few. She has touched major stages like The Mod Club Theatre and performed at significant Canadian festivals including NXNE and Canadian Music Week. KIANA is rapidly becoming an artist to watch.

Next in her line of stunning visuals to accompany her debut album Death of a Cloud, Australian/English savant of purposeful pop Mereki today unveils the official video for “Twin Flame.” Directed by Danny Sangra, the video’s production mirrors the playfulness of a home video. As the song rises, the video blossoms into a gooey, collage-like exploration of all-consuming love – Watch.

On the meaning of the song, Mereki shared, “’Twin Flame’ is about meeting someone for the first time and knowing immediately that you’ve met before, maybe a million times, and that this being has played every meaningful role in your life. No matter how many challenges you might face together or what role they might play this lifetime, you’ve found each other again and you are together forever.”

“Twin Flame” joins the cinematic universe Mereki has been painting with her recent visuals for “Presence,” “Wake Up Dead,” “Purple Moons” and “The Garden.” All exhibiting the enchanting allure of both fairytales and reality, the beauty within Mereki’s videos showcase her ability to take hold of every moment of life.

Back in March of this year, Mereki released her debut solo album Death of a Cloud via BMG and her own label BunBun Records. Created over seven years and three continents, in collaboration with a roster of the artists Mereki trusted most to bring this deeply personal and intuitively conceived material to life, the album is a look into the joy and difficulty of self-realization and finding the universe within, expressing this journey through music.

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Death of a Cloud received praise from the likes of Billboard, FLOOD, Atwood Magazine and many others. In celebration of the body of work, Mereki hosted an album release party at Friar Park. At the release party, guests were welcomed with a Lily Vanilli tea party and a bed suspended in the clouds. Mereki’s guests were then invited to take a solo healing journey to self-realization through the magical garden walk, while listening to the record. The grounds were dotted with baby blue mushroom fairy circles and letting go rituals linked to each song on the record.

On September 13, Mereki will be joining Lael Neale for a show at Moth Club in London. Speaking on the reunion of the two artists, Mereki said, “When faeries come together, the world’s a little better.” See all show information here.

Brooklyn-based alt-rocker Moon Walker shares dynamic track and eye-catching visualizer “Give The People What They Want” out everywhere now. The experimental, timely third LP Apocalypticism by the rising rocker is due out October 20 and available for pre-order now here. Plus, catch Moon Walker live across the U.S. as he continues his debut tour this fall with support from Nordista Freeze. Tickets are on sale now via listentomoonwalker.com/tour.

The guitar-heavy rock tune “Give The People What They Want,” out today, carries some of the rocker’s most potent lyricism yet. Moon Walker says, “I essentially wanted to return to form and write my best straightforward guitar-centric rock song. It’s funny how this song would have fit like a glove on my other two records but is, arguably, the most out of place song on this one.”

Watch “Give The People What They Want” (Official Visualizer)

On the forthcoming project’s sound and expanding beyond his previous work, Moon Walker continues, I spent so much of this record trying to subvert my typical tendencies as a songwriter. I was leaning heavily on things like samples and synths to differentiate from the typically guitar/bass heavy music I made.”

The project’s previously shared title track was written in response to the recent wave of anti-semitism brought on by people like Kanye West and Majorie Taylor Greene. The potent track emerged when the realization of just how deep anti-semitic rhetoric runs in America began to set in. With pounding drums and unwavering conviction, the rocker’s heartfelt message amplifies as the song unfolds. Revealing his personal connection to the track and its meaningful subject matter, Moon Walker says, “My family came to America during the Pogroms in the 20’s so I’m well aware of the horrific history that has plagued my ancestors. Since I was a kid, I’ve been made fun of for my hair and my nose and for looking ‘too Jewish.’ I have, however, never felt unsafe as a Jewish American.” Despite encountering anti-semitic graffiti in his neighborhood and his social media comments being flooded with anti-semitism and neo-nazis, Moon Walker is unafraid to embrace who he is and is committed to standing up against the dangerous vitriol that continuously plagues society.

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Socials: @neillfrazer

Neill Frazer

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