George Santos’ congressional career explodes

The House Ethics Committee released the long-awaited report on Rep. George Santos’ spending of campaign funds, and its allegations are so salacious and devastating that he’s calling it quits after his current term. Kaput. The (soon-to-be former) New York congressman allegedly used campaign funds on everything from designer clothes and botox to “smaller purchases” on OnlyFans, a website primarily used by sex workers. The House Ethics Committee concluded its report by saying Santos “cannot be trusted.”

The Department of Justice has so far been silent, but the report’s damning details indicate Santos is about to go through some things, especially since one of his former fundraisers pleaded guilty this week to a federal wire fraud charge.

Speaking of going through some things … Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s streak of bad news in court rolled on this week. In the Georgia fake-electors trial, a lawyer for Misty Hampton, a former elections official and current Trump codefendant, admitted he leaked video recordings of prosecutor interviews with Trump lawyers Jenna Ellis and Sidney Powell. As a result, Judge Scott McAfee seems likely to shut down the leaks with a new protective order. Meanwhile, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has had enough of another Trump codefendant, Harrison Floyd, and is seeking to revoke his bond, saying the former leader of Black Voices for Trump has been engaging in witness intimidation.

In New York, Trump attorneys are desperately seeking a mistrial in the state’s civil fraud case, claiming the judge and his clerk are biased. Trump and his legal team have repeatedly attacked the judge and his clerk—and that will undoubtedly get much worse after a late Thursday ruling from an appeals judge who stayed the partial gag order while the appeals process plays out.

In a separate New York case, Trump abandoned his efforts to move his hush-money criminal case to federal court, and will face the music in the Empire State after all.  

Litigants in Colorado have wrapped up their arguments, and a Colorado judge will soon decide whether Trump is eligible to be on the ballot in 2024. On Tuesday, a Michigan judge rebuffed a similar insurrection-clause effort and ruled that Trump can remain on the primary ballot.

Finally, Trump might’ve been betting his legal troubles were confined to Georgia, Florida, Michigan and New York, but now Nevada is reportedly investigating the fake-electors scheme.

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