I Don’t Usually Use Makeup-Remover Wipes, But I Recommend These 13 in a Pinch
I Don’t Usually Use Makeup-Remover Wipes, But I Recommend These 13 in a Pinch

The answer, while a major topic of debate among beauty enthusiasts and experts alike, can be found in science. New York state licensed esthetician, laser technician, onocology esthetician, and and owner of Blue Water Spa, Rachel Lee Lozina, broke down the sometimes elusive facts. “Most makeup removers contain harmful ingredients such as alcohol & sodium laurel sulfate which strips the skin of the natural oils and can compromise the barrier, which in turn can cause dryness, acne and irritated skin.”

According to Lozina, a vastly better and more effective alternative are oils since they emulsify makeup.”They are harmful because you aren’t rinsing these ingredients off at the end of the day. Properly washing your skin and removing these ingredients are integral for healthy skin,” Lozina explains. Additionally, the main chemicals in makeup wipes, sulfates and alcohol along with other preservatives and chemicals are the main ingredients in a majority of the makeup remover wipe products available on the market.

So where does that leave us? If you do decide to continue using makeup-remover wipes, plan on following with an oil-based cleanser for the best results. Below, discover 13 of the makeup wipes you can trust to get the job done (partially) while on-the-move before a double cleanse can take care of the rest.

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