Hiding is common cat behaviour. However some overly shy and anxious cats can take to hiding constantly, and not just from strange visitors to the house but family members as well.  
Reducing the stress levels of a timid cat is the best way to encourage them to emerge from their hiding places. Ask yourself what might be discomfiting them in your household. Is there another cat that might be bullying it? Or a dog? Are there loud noises outside due to construction next door?
If possible, remove the environmental factors that might be causing your cat distress. If you are unable to do so, try blocking it out. Playing slow rhythmic music has been suggested as a feline stress reliever which has the added benefit of masking outside crashing and banging. Strategically placed curtains can remove the sight of other cats and the view of strangers walking past the house that may be upsetting your cat.


Playtime is also important to relax nervous cats. Playing releases happy hormones that assist with reducing stress hormones. Plus – a cat that is fixating on a feather on the end of the string has less time to fret about the barking dog next door.
Pheromone technology can be a vital tool for cat owners with timid pets. By mimicking natural pheromones that relax cats, products that dispense the substance have been found to reduce anxiety related issues. Pheromone products include plug in diffusers, sprays, collars and wipes. 



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