This is an opinion editorial by Luke Mikic, a writer, podcast host and macro analyst.

This is the first part in a two-part series about the Dollar Milkshake Theory and the natural progression of this to the “Bitcoin Milkshake.”


  • “The dollar is dead!”
  • “The Petrodollar system is breaking down!”
  • “The Federal Reserve doesn’t know what it’s doing!”
  • “China is playing the long game; the U.S. is only planning four years ahead.”

How many times have you heard claims like these from macroeconomists and sound money advocates in recent times? These types of comments have become so prevalent, that it’s now a mainstream opinion to declare that we’re about to see the imminent death of the U.S. dollar and subsequent fall of the great U.S. empire. Is modern America about to suffer the same fate as Rome, or does the country still have an economic wild card hidden up its sleeve?

Luke Mikic

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