The unchecked use of unmanned aerial systems poses a significant threat to public and national safety; drone detection systems can and should be mindful of consumer privacy regulations.

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Oct 10, 2022

A recent study shows 86% of consumers are concerned about their personal privacy. Hidden Level, a next-generation sensor company that provides drone detection services, champions personal privacy while providing safety and security in low-altitude airspaces. 

In August 2020, an Interagency Advisory was issued from the Department of Justice, Department of Transportation, Federal Communication Commission, and Department of Homeland Security, outlining three federal statutes on how drone information could be detected:

All three of these statutes work together to provide security around electronic communications, preventing anyone or any company from intercepting that private information. Hidden Level’s Airspace Monitoring Service (AMS) utilizes proprietary detection sensors that follow government regulations to provide actionable data at scale. Many other drone detection systems circumvent these rules.

“Personal privacy and data protection are increasingly important to consumers, who are demanding basic security protections and autonomy over sensitive personal information,” explained Jeff Cole, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder at Hidden Level. “Our goal is to provide actionable detection data to safely enable our airspace without infringing on personal privacy.” 

There are multiple ways to detect drone emissions. The first receives and decodes the transmissions from the drone to the controller. Decoding involves pulling private information from the signal, including drone serial number, reported position, or other identifying information. This method of detection obtains transmitted information without consent which violates federal wiretapping laws. Systems that utilize this method must also read other signals in the area to identify the right ones, which may result in false positives for things like home security cameras, and other household internet-of-things (IoT) devices. 

Hidden Level’s proprietary technology adheres to federal privacy guidelines by looking at the physical characteristics of the transmitted signals without decoding any private information. This allows for the robust detection of drones without violating the pilot’s privacy.

Hidden Level provides airspace monitoring services over cities to provide a safe and secure airspace for airports, large-scale events (like fairs and football games), other critical infrastructure, and to enable the future of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). However, this protection and capability should not come at the cost of consumer privacy.

“While other drone detection systems can infringe on personal privacy and raise questions under current federal regulations, Hidden Level is a solution capable of detecting drones and ensuring safety, while remaining privacy compliant,” added Cole. 

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Founded in 2018, Hidden Level is led by a team of skilled sensor experts with more than a decade of experience building innovative sensor solutions for both military and commercial customers. Hidden Level’s airspace monitoring service delivers the only industry solution that provides secure, accurate low-altitude airspace monitoring at scale. By eliminating the burden of owning, operating, and maintaining expensive and rapidly changing sensor technology equipment, Hidden Level provides its customers only what is necessary—real-time, actionable data at a fraction of the cost.

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