ISRAEL Defence Forces last night released footage of a Hamas tunnel they found near the al-Shifa hospital.

They said: “Hamas’s tunnelling infrastructure was exposed inside the hospital.


Israel Defence Forces have released footage of a Hamas tunnel they found near the al-Shifa hospitalCredit: Twitter

Furthermore, a vehicle for the October 7 massacre was discovered, containing weapons and ammunition.

“In searches in the Rantisi Hospital troops continued to unearth a tunnel.”

Weapons have also been found in Al-Quds Hospital.

Entrances to the 311-mile “Gaza Metro” were suspected to be inside the hospital after Hamas terrorists fled into the complex.

IDF troops seized the A&E and MRI departments at the al-Shifa hospital in a 2am raid and uncovered an arsenal of weapons.

They also seized laptops containing names of some of the hostages kidnapped by Hamas last month.

Last night, IDF troops said they had found the body of Yehudit Weiss, who was among those snatched.

In a striking comparison – demonstrating the herculean task facing Israeli troops – it is now even bigger than the London Underground.

Massive stockpiles of fuel light the tunnels – as Gazans above ground struggle with barely enough electricity to power their hospitals – whilst ventilation systems provide oxygen.

To win the war and destroy Hamas, the IDF will at some stage have to enter its concrete underground base.

One former defence official said: “They have turned huge swathes of the Strip into legitimate military targets.

“These sons of b**ches have intentionally put their tunnels under houses, mosques and hospitals to maximise civilian casualties.

“It’s not just cynical, it’s pure evil.”

Paul Sims

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