Hailey Bieber continues to take her style cues from Rory Gilmore this sweater season.

A month after styling a black turtleneck and plaid miniskirt with an oversized coffee cup that would make the Stars Hollow teen jealous, Bieber cemented herself as a Gilmore Girls stan by wearing the cosy cream jumper we all know and love. While the model’s massive crewneck is definitely made of a much softer knit than Rory’s famous fisherman sweater from the Y2K series’ pilot episode, the colour and oversized fit were spot on.

Of course, the 26-year-old put her own spin on the iconic look by swapping out Rory’s bootcut jeans for a pair of ultra thigh-high orange and black striped boots. Posted by Hailey on 17 November, the outfit can be seen on slide three of an Instagram photo dump documenting “the best 48 hours” with husband Justin Bieber and close friend Kendall Jenner.

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Hailey Bieber topped off the daring ensemble with a pair of tiny oval sunglasses and gold earrings, keeping her hair pulled back into a claw clip with two face-framing strands left out. She also shared the full look on her Instagram story.


Despite Rory Gilmore’s less-than-stellar reputation among Gilmore Girls fans, the fictional teen’s wardrobe has become more coveted than ever in 2023, likely thanks to the show’s surging popularity on TikTok. “Still hate her but girl has great sweaters,” one Instagram user commented on Glamour US’s recent post about “Rory Girlmore Fall”.

Perhaps Hailey Bieber, who has had plenty of first-hand experience with online haters, can relate.

This article originally appeared on Glamour US.

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