By Stephanie Yamkovenko, head of Khan Academy’s Digital Marketing Team

This week, Khanmigo’s been making headlines yet again. Good Morning America showcased our groundbreaking AI tool, Khanmigo, and its transformative impact on education.

The segment takes you inside First Avenue Elementary School in Newark, New Jersey, where Khanmigo is revolutionizing the classroom experience.

Watch the segment below.

A homework companion: AI’s role in bridging the tutoring gap

The Good Morning America segment highlights how Khanmigo helps move us closer to making one-on-one tutoring for every student a reality. As learners work on Khan Academy exercises, Khanmigo provides them with immediate feedback. “It doesn’t give them the answer,” says fifth-grade math teacher Anna Tan in the segment. “So if they ask a question, it will tell them the how and the why but not the result.”

The segment highlights Khanmigo’s gentle approach to correcting errors. As one learner says, “…and then, if it’s wrong, it’ll tell you that’s wrong but in a nice way.” Khanmigo is a companion in the learning journey, identifying misconceptions and fostering a positive attitude toward learning.

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The teacher’s trusted ally: An AI-powered classroom assistant

But Khanmigo is more than just a tutor; it is an AI-powered teaching assistant. Khanmigo helps teachers save time by cutting their prep time in half. Khanmigo can do things that no other AI chatbot can, including helping identify which students are struggling on which skills, building tailored lesson plans, and even generating class newsletters, rubrics, and exit tickets.

The Good Morning America segment highlights how teachers are benefiting from this AI-powered assistant. Tan says, “it raises the level of being independent in the classroom. It helps me prepare for lessons.”

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Guardrails: A safer way to implement AI with children

One of the benefits of Khanmigo is that parents and schools can provide a safer introduction to AI. We believe it’s important for learners to encounter new technology like AI because it will help them succeed outside the classroom and prepare them for the future. The segment showcased Khanmigo’s guardrails, like the ability for teachers and parents to view chat history and the feature that sends moderation alerts for inappropriate interactions.

“Anything that you type, you’re held accountable for,” says Tan. “I can see their conversations. I can look back on their [chat] history and see if it’s appropriate.”

Our pioneering approach to responsible AI development in education

As a nonprofit educational organization, Khan Academy sees it as our responsibility to explore what AI could mean for the future of education. We believe that AI has the potential to transform learning in a positive way, but we are also keenly aware of the risks. We’ve developed guidelines for our AI development to help us responsibly adapt AI for an educational setting. We want to ensure that our work always puts the needs of students and teachers first, and we are focused on ensuring that the benefits of AI are shared equally across society. 

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Thank you to Good Morning America for highlighting how Khan Academy’s groundbreaking AI tool, Khanmigo, is transforming the classroom experience and bridging the tutoring gap. With its personalized approach to learning and AI-powered teaching assistance, Khanmigo is empowering students and teachers alike.

Stephanie Yamkovenko

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