GOLDEN, Colo. — The sounds of car care often ring through the garage at Hands of the Carpenter. The non-profit has supported single moms for 20 years by fixing up and finding them cars.

“There was not a huge intent behind how we were going to help,” remembered Dan Georgopulos, the CEO & Founder of Hands, “It was more about who we were going to help.”

Operating a non-profit like this is a big responsibility, which is why they rely on the help of volunteers like John Burich. He keeps a close eye on their finances as he’s been their accountant for 15 out of Hands’ 20 years of existence.

“I had all the background in tax and bookkeeping, sort of the auditing process,” said Burich. “I just get the satisfaction of being able to use the skills that I have to help out the nonprofit. And since I’m retired, it’s also a good diversion.”

John uses his talents to keep their engine running by doing work that can’t be replaced.

“It’s important to Hands that people know that we’re accountable for every dollar that comes in,” said Georgopulos, “And John is someone that holds up to that — and ensures that we’re doing things the right way.”

His commitment for over a decade is just one of many reasons why we’re honoring John Burich as this week’s Everyday Hero!

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Michael Bogaards

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