“It is known that a deficiency in certain vitamins such as iron, vitamin D, zinc, and B12 may contribute to hair loss in which case it can be important to supplement,” Garshick says. “There are other supplements available that use a combination of different ingredients which can be considered as well such as Nutrafol, Vivascal or Welbel.” While most supplements are considered safe to take, Garshick recommends speaking with your medical provider to determine what would serve you best.

Feeling like biotin is the best option? The popular vitamin, along with a number of other micronutrients found in the most effective supplements for hair growth. Biotin taken alone, however, has limited evidence. Both Garshick and Cheung cited a 2016 study released by the FDA warning that biotin may interfere with certain laboratory tests including thyroid and troponin levels. That being said, it’s always best to indicate all medications and supplements when visiting your doctor.

Cheung agrees with Garshick, recommending patients to request their labs be drawn before adding any supplement to your diet. Of all the vitamins heavily touted for supporting hair growth, bioton is by far the most recognizable. “Biotin, which is one of the B vitamins, helps with hair strength,” she begins. “The most effective micronutrients are iron, zinc, vitamin D, vitamin B, selenium, iodine, and antioxidant and adaptogen blends.” Higher quality supplements will be free of fillers, binders, and contain more bi-active and easier-absorbed formulations.

Below are the 10 best hair supplements based on dermatologist recommendations and thousands of glowing customer reviews to simplify your hunt for the most effective hair growth aid. Here’s to a new chapter in your hair journey (and a whole lot of money saved).

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