Black Adam star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson spoke a bit about the movie’s mixed reception from critics following its release last October.

While at the Oscars, Johnson spoke to Variety about the DC movie’s lukewarm reviews. The star spoke positively of the general audience reception and recognized that critic reviews are simply part of the business.

“All that I could do and that we could do when making Black Adam was put our best foot forward, surround ourselves with the best people, and then also deliver the best movie we could,” Johnson said. “Our audience score was in the 90s. Critics took a couple of shots. That’s just the business of it, though.”

Black Adam featured the introduction of Dwayne Johnson as Teth-Adam — the titular antihero whose background story was first teased during 2019’s Shazam! This marked the character’s live-action debut after only appearing in animated shows and films such as Young Justice. The film received mixed reviews upon release.

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