Planning a holiday? From helicopter tours of Cape York to hikes through the Kimberley, Australia is full of breathtaking destinations.

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Aug 31, 2022

Australians are finally allowed to travel again after two long years of Covid-19 lockdowns and border closures. But with the recent onslaught of flight cancellations, airline staff shortages, Passport Office delays and lost baggage on international flights, many Aussies are ditching the Egypt tours and Fijian cruises and are instead opting to explore destinations closer to home this year, says Inspiring Vacations.

Australia is typically known for its white sand beaches and surf culture – but it is actually one of the most geographically diverse countries in the world. Inspiring Vacations, leading provider of tours to Cape York, Cape Town and everything in between, reports that the continent is full of red deserts, buzzing cities, pristine beaches, dense rainforests, breathtaking mountain ranges and more. 

According to Inspiring Vacations, who offers holiday packages everywhere in Australia from Hobart to Cape York, tours are the best way to see everything a destination has to offer. Whether Australians want to explore the vast, beautiful coastline of Western Australia or get a taste of Melbourne’s world famous coffee, tour guides will make sure travellers are well taken care of and will be able to soak in everything there is to do, see and experience. Tours typically include sightseeing, transportation, accommodation, and meals – travellers barely have to worry about planning a thing.

The tours to Egypt and ski trips in Japan will still be there next year, says Inspiring Vacations. This year, Aussies should take some time to discover everything their own backyard has to offer instead. Inspiring Vacations is the top Australian provider of guided tours Egypt, Japan and everywhere in between. To book a trip or learn more about the tours they have on offer, contact Inspiring Vacations today.

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