Visionaries have always understood the need to reserve mental space for the tasks that will have the greatest impact. This concept of “decision fatigue” is why innovators in the tech space often wear the same thing every day.

Domotics, otherwise known as smart home technology, can introduce subtly incorporated technological touches to provide an unparalleled elegance and minimalism to a home, taking care of small tasks and decisions in a way that enables great thinkers to optimize their schedules and make space for the things that really matter.

Safe and Secure

Ricardo Rodriguez and Margaret Pena Juvelier – Puerto Rico Sotheby’s International Realty

A home should be a sanctuary, removed from the concerns of the outside world. Today’s automated security cameras alleviate security risks by monitoring your property, alongside other security-focused domotics such as keyless remote entry for smartphones, entry sensors, and poolside motion sensors. 

This Ritz Carlton Reserve compound in Puerto Rico is a fully automated smart home with Creston touch screens and Lutron keypads, offering the ultimate in privacy. With security fully managed by Control4 home automation, you’ll be free to wander among the wild ginger and giant coconut palms of the one-acre property and the sandy Caribbean beachfront of the resort itself.

Outside the Home

Vilamoura Office and Virgolino Gomes – Portugal Sotheby’s International Realty

It’s not just the interior of a residence that can benefit from the comfort and peace of mind automation provides. Gardens, balconies, and outdoor living areas offer opportunities to incorporate domotic elements that optimize environmental ambiance for lounging and entertaining, or growing conditions for the lushest landscaping.

Such is the case in Portugal, where the Mediterranean gardens of this luxurious 3.9-acre property in the Algarve are tended to by an automatic irrigation system. While strolling on the Portuguese lioz stone that encompasses the property, contemplations can be fully explored while gazing upon the greenery surrounding the estate, perpetual in its vibrance.

Easy Breezy

Oriana Juvelier – Puerto Rico Sotheby’s International Realty

Contentment can be a cozy den on winter evenings, a shady lounge on summer afternoons, or a sun-drenched solarium on spring mornings. In other words, it depends on the season, the situation, and the weather. Our bodies continually detect and respond to the subtlest environmental changes, and so can smart sensors, allowing precise modifications in real-time. 

Today’s domotics enable your home to silently maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the day without your intervention. In this Condado Beach penthouse, in-ceiling AC and humidity controls are accessed through in-wall panels available in 7 zones throughout the home, as well as through a mobile app.

Set the Mood

Elizabeth L. Sample and Brenda S. Powers – Sotheby’s International Realty – East Side Manhattan Brokerage

Among the delightful sensory elements that contribute to the atmosphere of your home, sound is an essential. With domotics that integrate your playlists from room to room, you can curate an immersive auditory experience anytime.

Move seamlessly from work to relaxation in this 75th floor New York City penthouse. Automatic music is run by a state-of-the-art Crestron System while you take in the views over Central Park, the Chrysler Building, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Statue of Liberty. Host a listening party in the dedicated media room, explore the resonance of the wood-paneled library, or open up the entertaining space and en your guests’ conversation with background melodies.

If technology is meant to enrich our lives by making them easier, the step to integrated domotics exemplifies ultimate efficiency. And as our ways of working allow us more time in our own spaces, innovations within the home certainly come to bear on our productivity. 

Looking for more ways to incorporate technology in your home? Learn about the latest smart kitchen trends.

Melissa Couch

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