Dating App Says Caring About This Gets More Dates

This dating app says caring about this gets more dates, which is a good thing all around. According to OKCupid’s data, an important determinant for swiping right is agreeing on Global Warming. In an interview with Earther, the dating site reports that there’s been a 240% increase in words that include all sorts of environmental issues, ranging from people like “Greta Thunberg,” to terms like “recycle” and “global warming.”

A surprisingly large percentage of OKCupid users appear to care about the state of the environment. Nearly all of them, 97%, believe climate change is real and 82% of them say that it’s something worth being concerned about.

OKCupid workers found global warming dictated people’s dating habits to such a large degree that they tweeted about it. Of course, it went viral.

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“Since your match percentage with someone shows how compatible you two are, if you are a climate change activist and they think climate change is fake news, your match percentage is going to decrease,” said Michael Kaye, OKCupid’s Global communications manager.

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OKCupid differentiates itself from Tinder, Bumble and other dating sites because it provides matches for you according to answers on a quiz you take when you sign up. This is the method used to provide you with pairings, which has its pros and cons.

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This isn’t the first time where hot topic issues have influenced people’s dating app preferences. Last December, Tinder published a list of the most discussed topics on their app. Their results show that in previous years, Millennials used to talk about traveling. Now that the dating app is made up of a large percentage of Gen Z, the most discussed topics include politics and personal causes.

A few years ago, your politics — one of the biggest determinants on your stance regarding global warming — wouldn’t matter as much for your dating prospects. Nowadays, they’re almost all that matters. While there’s the occasional viral tweet here and there that talks about someone’s personal experience with dating a Trump supporter, these kinds of stories are limited. Most of us choose to date people who we won’t want to murder over dinner.

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