We’re likely feeling buffeted by forces bigger than ourselves. The vulnerable Moon opposes intimidating Pluto and then jumps from sensitive Cancer into melodramatic Leo, challenging our attempts to keep up control over our emotions. The silver lining is that as intellectual Mercury subsequently supports Pluto, we can make better sense of our instinctive reactions. When the intense Scorpio Sun harmonizes with ethereal Neptune at 10:43 pm EST, finding meaning and purpose in any turmoil that’s going on should bring us comfort.

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March 21-April 19

Stepping away from the heat can currently help you reach significant insights. As the Sun in your intense 8th house nudges dreamy Neptune in your subconscious sector, you’re probably in the mood for resting and quiet time, especially if an important relationship has recently been exhausting. You may feel like the other person is using their neediness to bully you. While contemplating your contributions to the problem won’t entirely fix things, it could at least give you some ideas for your next steps.

April 20-May 20

Talking around an important issue could entice you. You may feel like a lot is going unsaid between you and your friends, particularly when the Sun in your connection-driven 7th house reaches out to foggy Neptune in your social sector. There’s both good and bad to this. You’re perhaps worried to rock the boat by asking for what you want directly. Your own beliefs and expectations about relationships are potentially holding you back unnecessarily, so look there before you blame others for your discomfort.

May 21-June 20

You may impulsively want to take back control of your money from an institution or individual you’ve come to mistrust. An authority figure you admire might have advised you do so. Be sure to ask yourself what the day-to-day details of your new approach would look like. Explaining your plan to someone who’s not involved in the equation could help you see any holes in your logic. If just trying to describe it feels too confusing, you possibly need to rethink things.

June 21-July 22

The intense atmosphere in one of your close relationships could be overwhelming. You may seem like the emotional one, but the other person is also probably contributing to the dynamic. If your need for expression isn’t met in a healthy way, then it can easily come out in needless drama. It’s possible that your idealistic beliefs about personal connections are blinding you to practical strategies that would actually solve the problem. Look at what you bring to the equation, and then see what’s left.

July 23-August 22

Stress could contribute to a physical symptom you’re experiencing at present. As the Sun in your family sector reaches out to vague Neptune in your 8th House of Boundaries, it might be time to clarify expectations with a relative who’s seriously getting on your nerves. Perhaps they presumed one thing while you assumed another. Although standing up for yourself isn’t always fun, you’ve got the tools to pull it off! If you go in with a clear idea of your goals, you can achieve them.

August 23-September 22

A close relationship with someone you idealize could be exciting at this time, but you might wonder if this person is equipped to handle the real you. Take today to test those doubts by being more yourself in conversation with them than usual. Their reaction may pleasantly surprise you — but make sure that you aren’t just trying to disprove any peers who told you this authority figure wouldn’t understand your true self. Be honest about whether or not you’re on the same page.

September 23-October 22

The prospect of financial gain can keep you motivated as you work. You may even feel spurred to go beyond your typical duties to care for customers or clients as much as possible, thanks to the burning Sun in your money sector encouraging sacrificial Neptune in your responsible 6th house. While that isn’t bad, you might worry people if you take things too far. Staying grounded and working things out in a balanced way will serve both you and them better in the long run.

October 23-November 21

The prospect of trying a new look could be a little intimidating for you. However, as the Sun in your sign supports hazy Neptune in your creative 5th house, consider doing a trial run before you commit to anything permanent. Whatever change you’re considering probably has a story or deeper meaning behind it, and you’ll likely appreciate the opportunity to explain that to others. Talking through your ideal process may even inspire you with ways to make your plan better!

November 22-December 21

You deserve a place where you can get refreshing rest right now. If your home isn’t yet up to that standard, it’s time to plan on investing money or other resources into making this happen. As detail-oriented Mercury in your 12th House of Retreat supports profound Pluto in your financial sector, you’re better able to thoughtfully identify the subtle changes that will have the most transformative impact. Remember that comfort isn’t an unnecessary indulgence — it’s the foundation necessary to recharge your energy!

December 22-January 19

You may successfully read the current room and say what others in a large group are thinking. Once the Sun in your community sector energizes inventive Neptune in your 3rd House of Communication, people are likely to be impressed by how articulately you’ve stated their position. As useful as that can be, remember that your ideas matter as well. Making subtle nods to your preferences as you talk can nudge the collective your way. If your heart is in the right place, go for it!

January 20-February 18

Making an unplanned professional change could seemingly help you bring your values into your workplace. However, you’re probably still in the stage of gathering information about your philosophy in private. Instead of immediately shifting things, do your best to focus your energy on researching what your ideal day-to-day life will look like if you get what you want. No matter how lofty your goals are, you’ll eventually have to settle into a regular routine. Keeping that in mind can give you needed perspective.

February 19-March 20

Who you are as an individual might be a little shaky at the moment. You may instead be finding strength in your political or spiritual beliefs. Being part of something much bigger than yourself could give you feelings of power that you wouldn’t otherwise have. Don’t forget that with great power comes great responsibility. Think twice before you launch an effort on social media to heavy-handedly manipulate others into joining your team — just because you can doesn’t mean you should!

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