It’s that time of year when many of us are searching for the perfect gifts for friends and family. A popular option that never fails to please is a gift that helps the recipient enjoy their favourite hobbies.

In this post we’re taking a look at gift ideas for cooking fans. If you’re buying for someone who loves to cook, read on for lots of inspiration.

1. Quality knife set

There is nothing as frustrating and time-wasting for the home chef as a dull knife. You can make it easier for your loved one to cook by getting them a quality knife set.

A good knife set should include a chef’s, paring, carving and serrated knife.

2. Dutch oven

A thick cast iron dutch oven like the ones from Le Creuset or Staub is the perfect gift for people who love to cook meat dishes. It’s versatile, and can be used over a flame or in an oven. A dutch oven is said to make food taste better because it retains heat and allows for slow cooking, enhancing the flavours.

home chef stand mixer

3. Stand mixer

Christmas cake, cookies and mince pies are a must-have for the holidays. A stand mixer, like these electric mixers by Kenwood for example, is the perfect kitchen companion to make baking, kneading and whisking much easier. It also produces better consistency for cake batter and dough. A stand mixer is a gift that keeps on giving which professional and amateur bakers will love.

4. Pizza stone

Brick oven pizza is as good as it gets, but most home cooks don’t have one. The next best thing is a pizza stone, which gives you great-tasting pizza with a delicious crust even when using a conventional oven.

chocolate fondue with fruit

5. Fondue set

A fondue set is a perfect gift for the cheese lovers in your life. It will get plenty of use, as it can also be used to make dipping sauces and melt chocolate.

6. Personalised chopping board

From adding special words to pictures and different carvings, there are so many ways to personalise a chopping board. A personalised board is a thoughtful and memorable gift that will bring joy every time it’s used.

home chef aprons

7. Cute apron

Aprons are easy to find and can be personalised in many ways to make them extra special. For example, you can have a name or a special date sewn onto the apron. Whether you get a bib apron or a waist apron, the home cook in your family will appreciate this functional and beautiful gift.

8. Cookbook

A cookbook is an excellent gift because it allows home chefs to improve their cooking and baking skills without formal training. A great way to go about getting a cookbook for your loved one is to buy one by their favourite chef. This is a gift to everyone, because you will all enjoy the delicious recipes they make!

It’s the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving, which makes simple gifts such as the ones listed above perfect for Christmas. Which other gifts for a home chef would you add to this list?

Written in collaboration with Hanna Johnson


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