CANNRA sent a letter to Congress today detailing specific changes CANNRA-member cannabis and hemp regulators would like to see in the 2023 Farm Bill to address the range of federally unregulated hemp-derived cannabinoid products available in the hemp marketplace.

CANNRA calls on Congress to consider: (1) adding a definition for “Hemp-Derived Cannabinoid Products,” (2) defining THC in terms of both THCA and delta-9 THC, (3) clarifying that the 0.3% THC threshold applies only to the plant and naming a regulator to set appropriate thresholds for intermediate or final hemp-derived cannabinoid products, (4) naming a federal regulatory agency with a timeline for implementing regulations to protect consumer safety, and (5) ensuring that states are not preempted from going beyond federal policies (which should set minimum standards) to protect consumer safety and public health.

This letter follows an April 17th CANNRA Letter to Congress that outlined the areas of the 2018 Farm Bill that are being used to justify the sale of intoxicating hemp-derived products: the “0.3% loophole,” the “THCA loophole,” and the “derivatives loophole.”

Please click here or below to read the full letter.

Sean Hocking

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