If you’re like me and you missed seeing Crossroads when it came out, you’ll have a chance to remedy that next month! Crossroads is being rereleased in theaters in October, so we can all relive the glory that was 2002.

2002 was the height of Britney Spears mania. It was after the not-a-girl (but not yet a woman) danced with a snake to “I’m a Slave 4 U,” but before she let an unnamed dude know that he was “Toxic.” Whenever a pop star is at the height of their powers, Hollywood inevitably comes calling.

Hollywood called Spears with a Shonda Rhimes-penned script (yes, Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal Shonda Rhimes) called Crossroads, the story of three teenage girls from Georgia who deepen their friendship and find themselves on a cross-country road trip. Spears plays the protagonist, Lucy, and her besties Kit and Mimi are played by Zoe Saldana and Taryn Manning.

The entire cast is full of bigger names than you might remember! Daddy Pike, Anson Mount, is in it as Mimi’s friend (and the lone dude of the group) Ben. Kim Cattrall, Dan Aykroyd, Justin Long, and Beverly Johnson also star. Meanwhile, the soundtrack features a karaoke version of Spears’ cover of “I Love Rock n’ Roll” and a remix of her song “Overprotected” in addition to tracks by Mystikal, Bowling For Soup, Matthew Sweet, and Jars of Clay. Crossroads is the most Early Aughts thing of all time.

Why is Crossroads being rereleased? Didn’t it bomb?

You might be confused as to why it’s making a comeback, though. It has a 15% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but despite getting hated on by critics, Crossroads made $61M globally during its run, which isn’t terrible. The pull of Spears’ star power was strong.

And in the past few years, we’ve been having a bit of a Britney-ssance as we’ve learned more about what the singer has had to deal with in her life, and we realize how collectively sh*tty we’ve been to her throughout her early career despite the fact that she brought genuine joy, talent, and innovation to the world through her music and performance.

These days, her music has recently graced Broadway in a fun, feminist approach to fairy tale princesses called Once Upon a One More Time. Spears has a tell-all memoir coming out on October 24 called The Woman in Me, and to support the release of the memoir, Trafalgar Releasing, Sony Music Entertainment and RCA Records are rereleasing Crossroads as a two-day fan event.

Crossroads will be screened in theaters October 23 and 25, sandwiching the release of the book. Variety reports that the film will be screened in 875 locations across 24 countries:

“[The screening] will include a bonus sing-along of two Spears songs that were part of the film but have never been seen on the big screen. The re-release will also include the launch of a Crossroads merchandise line featuring movie-inspired tops, sweats and jackets, along with recreations of wardrobe pieces worn by the cast in the film.”

So, not only can we relive 2002 by seeing Crossroads in a theater, but we’ll be able to snag the fashion, too.

Trafalgar CEO Mark Allenby said, ““We are excited to […] create an opportunity for fans to enjoy this highly sought after film in cinemas, and to rally in support of Britney telling her story in her upcoming memoir release.”

Meanwhile, Crossroads director, Tamra Davis, had this to say about the rerelease:

“I recently rewatched Crossroads and was so enthralled with the time capsule of nostalgia that this incredible ensemble cast brings to the screen. Britney is absolutely breathtaking to watch, and Shonda is showing us her early expertise in writing complicated female characters. We had the best time in the world making this picture and the connection the actresses bring to their performances shows in every frame. I’m so grateful that Crossroads will be available so people can see Britney shine again.”

I didn’t see the film when it came out, or any time after, because of critics. Now, I’m looking forward to reevaluating this movie the same way we’re all reevaluating Britney Spears’ contributions to pop culture. I’ll see y’all in the theater!

As reported by Today, tickets for Crossroads go on sale Thursday, September 28.

(featured image: Paramount Pictures)

This piece was written during the 2023 WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Without the labor of the writers and actors currently on strike, the work being covered here wouldn’t exist.

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