Snowstorms are devastating for many people. Until all the snow is plowed and the ice is salted, it’s difficult to leave the house and go about a normal routine. After a severe snowstorm in Romania, many people felt hopeless because of the snowy streets and frigid temperatures. However, a boy named Andrei and his dog Pufi decided to look on the bright side of the depressing event.

Even though the sidewalks were still covered in snow, Andrei and Pufi went outside to have fun. Andrei got creative and found a way to take his fluffy dog sledding, and the video is cuter than you can imagine!


Dog Goes Sledding!

A Facebook video shows Andrei taking Pufi on a unique sledding adventure. He tied a sled to the back of his bike and placed his little dog on the sled. Luckily, Pufi has thick fur, so he doesn’t seem to mind the cold weather.

Then, Andrei rode his bike in the snow, dragging Pufi on the sled behind him. In the video, Pufi sits perfectly still and seems content with his new mode of transportation. Biking in the snow looks like a lot of work, but Andrei seems to be having just as much fun as his dog.

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Boy biking with dog on sled

Even though the video is less than 20 seconds long, it perfectly shows the heartwarming bond between the boy and his dog. The streets are quiet and empty because of the snowstorm, but Andrei didn’t want to hide inside like everyone else. Instead, he chose to make the most of an unfortunate situation, and he wanted to make sure his dog joined in on the fun.

The Community Falls in Love with the Video

The video quickly stole the hearts of many people in the community. So, CERT Transylvania, a community emergency response team, decided to reach out to Andrei and give him a special gift. They gave him a brand-new bike to improve his sledding adventures with his dog.

Boy gets new bike

“The story of the little boy walking his furry friend with a sled attached to his bike has gone around the internet and taught us all a beautiful lesson: Make heaven out of what you have! Andrei and the puppy Pufi have captivated us irreparable and reminded us of our childhood when simple things brought us the greatest joy: snow, a sled, and a reliable friend next to us,” CERT Transilvania wrote on Facebook. “Today we made Andrei happy by giving him a brand new bike, equipped with everything he needs to accompany him for many years to come on the way to school or to the races with Pufi.”

With the new bike, Andrei and Pufi will be able to go sledding together whenever they want. Their adorable video encouraged many people to enjoy the little things in life, and it reminds us how fun playing in the snow can be!

Watch the Heartwarming Video Here:

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