Are you keen to get the kids outside and off the screens on a more regular basis?  Nature activities for kids are a fantastic – and very low-cost – way to do just that.

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Family life is hectic, and we’re often juggling work, school, and other commitments. Carving out time to get everyone outside in the fresh air can feel a little daunting, especially when kids aren’t excited by the idea.  And that’s where some brilliant nature activities come in very handy.

Why nature walks and games are so good for kids (and adults)

You’re probably familiar with some of the benefits of outdoor play, but a few might just surprise you!

  • Spending time in nature can boost happiness levels and combat anxiety and stress.
  • Active play is a great opportunity to keep kids fit and healthy.
  • Studies show that children who connect with nature are more likely to look after nature when they grow up.  By encouraging nature play when they’re young, we’re helping them to develop a love of nature and care for our natural world all their life.
  • Nature activities are a very inexpensive way to have so much fun as a family.  Many of them are totally free.
  • Nature is always there; every season, every day of the year. It’s literally on your doorstep whenever you need it.
  • Nature games and outdoor nature activities don’t need lots of planning and prep, and you can adapt them to suit kids of all ages and group sizes.

And of course, all of these benefits apply to the grown-ups too!

Inspiration for nature walks and games

So we know that nature games and activities are great for children – but how do we convince them to give it a try?

With some exciting, engaging nature activities for kids!

A Year of Nature Walks and Games by  Becky Goddard-Hill and Catherine Hughes - fun nature activities for kids

Our new book *A Year of Nature Walks and Games (co-written with Becky Goddard-Hill) is packed with tried and tested nature games and nature walk activities, so you don’t have to spend time searching for a great idea.

This bright, engaging book follows the seasons, with a whole year’s worth of nature activities for kids to try.  Each fun activity is perfect for family walks, trips to the local park, or days out in nature.

52 best outdoor nature activities for kids

From spring park games to summer nature walks, autumn scavenger hunts and winter nature challenges, there are 52 fab nature activities to banish boredom and get kids active. You can easily adapt each nature activity to younger kids or older kids to keep everyone happy.

A Year of Nature Walks and Games by  Becky Goddard-Hill and Catherine Hughes - fun nature activities for kids

As well as lots of brilliant outdoor games and walking games, you’ll also find a nature scavenger hunt, a nature journal activity, a nature art project using natural materials, a sensory walk, nature science, wildlife tracking, survival skills, a nature bracelet activity, and much more.

If you need some outdoor play inspiration, or are buying a gift for a young nature fan, this is absolutely perfect. It really is a great way to access tons of fun activities for kids.

*A Year of Nature Walks and Games is available from Amazon and all leading bookstores.

A Year of Nature Walks and Games by  Becky Goddard-Hill and Catherine Hughes - fun nature activities for kids

Find out more about ‘A Year of Nature Walks and Games’

You can see some of the lovely activities from the book and find out more in this video:

A Year of Nature Walks and Games blog tour

To celebrate the launch of *A Year of Nature Walks and Games, we’ve organised a virtual book tour.  Head this way for lots of extracts from the book and fun outdoor activities for kids:

A Year of Nature Walks and Games by Catherine Hughes and Becky Goddard-Hill - book tour

Rainy Day Homeschooling

Penny Reads

What the Redhead Said

Mummy Mummy Mum

Monkey and Mouse

We Made This Life

Rainy Day Mum

We’re Going on an Adventure

What Katy Said

Emma and 3

There’s also a lovely review of the book over at In the Playroom.

More outdoor play inspiration

Here’s some more inspiration for your outdoor adventures:

A Year of Nature Craft and Play by  Becky Goddard-Hill and Catherine Hughes

*A Year of Nature Craft & Play

*A Year of Nature Craft & Play is the sister book to *A Year of Nature Walks and Games.  It follows the same format, but with a focus on crafting with nature.  There are also lots of lovely kids gardening projects, art activities, science experiments, indoor nature activities for rainy days and outdoor games to enjoy – all using nature finds and natural items.

quotes about children and nature

Quotes about children and nature

This collection of lovely quotes about children and nature is ideal if you need a little nudge to get everyone into the great outdoors.

nature jokes for kids

Nature jokes for kids

Keep them smiling on your nature walks with some nature puns.

fun walking games

Walking games

A bumper list of simple walking games – one of the best ways to make a long walk less boring!

best outdoor games for kids

Outdoor nature games

A list of fun outdoor activities and nature games to keep kids busy.

nature activities for kids free printable

Free nature play printable

Download a free nature play printable full of simple activity ideas for outdoor fun and sensory playlaunch facebook group giveaway.

Nature activities for kids facebook group

You can also join my Nature Crafts & Fun Facebook group which is packed with tips and fun ideas for nature play.

Pin for later: fun nature activities for kids

Would you like to get the kids playing outside more? These fun nature activities for kids will help you inspire them!


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