Nov 18, 2021

Pets are our companions, service animals, and beloved members of the family. But their waste, if left behind, can cause real problems at that spot and well beyond.

Fact: Pet poop is pollution.

Pet waste can contain bacteria, viruses, and parasites, like roundworm and E. coli, many of which can live for days or months after being deposited. Even after the pile of waste has vanished, these unseen organisms can make the pets and people, especially kids, who come across it sick. Paws and shoes can track waste into homes, and rain washes waste into our creeks and lakes, where it can make the water unsafe for recreation and hazardous for fish and other wildlife.

Preventing pet poop pollution is EASY.

  1. Pick up pet waste in a plastic bag
  2. Seal the bag
  3. Toss it into a trash can

You have help!
In case you run out of bags while walking your dog or forget to bring bags with you, the City of Austin’s Scoop the Poop program provides pet waste bags in City-maintained parks.

To help keep neighborhoods and natural areas healthy and beautiful, leave no pile behind! Help spread the word – visit for free yard signs, brochures, printable posters, and other educational materials.

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