Jan 20, 2022

Hi everyone! And a happy new year! I hope this finds you and yours well. I wanted to reach out today to provide an update on where we stand with our plans for APA!’s campuses, land, and facilities.

As a reminder, your voices were heard in November as you helped us get the APA! Resolution passed with Austin City Council. In that resolution, the city council directed us to work with the City of Austin staff to determine an intake percentage number based on those animals at risk of euthanasia. We continue those discussions with the city and will have an update to share with you in February.

While we remain hopeful that we will finally reach a new agreement with city animal services and sign a long term lease to keep a small portion of our operations on our Town Lake Animal Center (TLAC) campus as soon as possible, we are excited to be exploring our expansion regardless of the TLAC outcome.

The APA! Board of Directors and some other amazing volunteers have been utilizing their connections to help us find Austin properties to purchase and expand our footprint. Right now there are a couple of potential properties we are looking at and because the property is, of course, at a premium in Austin, we are looking at properties with existing buildings we could adjust to fit our programs and services – and also properties with mostly open land. Based on what we find and can afford, the APA! leadership team is working on different solutions with a group of architects to puzzle together which programs and services would fit where and how best to maximize each scenario of property combinations for lifesaving.

What this means for APA! team members and supporters is that change – but exciting change – is on the horizon very soon. By this time next year, we could potentially have 4 locations, including TLAC and Tarrytown! With this expanding footprint we are making sure that each potential place provides a drastic improvement to what we have now. We know that a shelter needs to serve the purposes it should – not mass housing in uncomfortable kennels but getting each animal who needs us most the care, support and rehabilitation they need to get them ready for a home (whether it be foster or adoptive home) and out of kennel as quickly as possible!

We will continue to keep you informed of our property progress and your support we’ll need during this exciting time. Thank you as always for being part of this amazing lifesaving community for people and pets.


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