Crown Battery has just released a new “Zero Battery Waste Guide” that simplifies sustainable and effective battery management.

“Our ‘Zero Battery Waste Guide’ is an actionable manual for both consumers and businesses,” says John Connell, Vice President of Crown Battery’s SLI Products Group. “It’s an objective tool for anyone striving for a smaller carbon footprint and a bigger bottom line.”

The user-friendly Zero Battery Waste Guide presents findings from US EPA studies, independent lifecycle audits, Department of Energy pilot programs, Fortune 500 warehouses, Central Asia’s largest microgrid, and more than a million battery installations worldwide.

The Guide shares straightforward keys to compare batteries’ recyclability, sustainability, and lifecycle impacts, including:

  • Why some batteries are 99% recycled – but others are 95% landfilled (sources: US EPA and International Energy Agency)
  • What is Zero Waste, and why does it matter now?
  • Battery selection strategies that reduce waste, carbon emissions, conflict zone mining, and ownership costs
  • 5 common battery-killing mistakes to avoid
  • Checklist: How to compare battery sustainability, engineering, and manufacturing for longer lifespan – regardless of brand
  • Easy steps that strengthen your supply chain
  • How to close the Battery Recycling Gap – and what’s next for Zero Battery Waste

The Zero Battery Waste Guide also features on-the-ground insights from Crown Battery’s global sustainability initiatives,” says Connell. These include Crown’s switching to 100% renewable energy for manufacturing, sourcing approximately 80% previously recycled materials, and becoming the first battery company recognized as a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Green Power Partner.

“Crown’s Zero Battery Waste Guide shows how to close the recycling gap, improve sustainability, and make informed energy storage decisions,” says Hal Hawk, President and CEO of Crown Battery. “Reducing waste helps our environment and gives you a competitive edge – regardless of which battery chemistry or manufacturer you choose.”

To request a free copy of Crown Battery’s “Zero Battery Waste Guide,” visit today. Or call +1.419.334.7181.


About Crown Battery Manufacturing

Founded in 1926, Crown Battery is committed to 100% renewable, lower-waste energy storage for more than 100 markets on six continents, including powering electric vehicles, trains, schools, hospitals, businesses, warehouses, and homes.

Crown Battery is the world’s leading manufacturer of 99% recyclable, deep-cycle batteries. The companies’ batteries are 100% US-Engineered and -Manufactured — and every one of Crown’s lead-acid batteries comes from the company’s ISO 9001:2015-certified plant in Fremont, Ohio, USA. In addition, batteries use approximately 80% recycled materials. The plant incorporates solar panels, high-efficiency robotic welding, and 100% renewable energy.

Crown’s consistent efficiency and sustainability efforts earned it the following American Electric Power (AEP) Ohio awards: Sustained Excellence Award (2020, 2015, and 2014); Continuous Energy Improvement Award (2016); and Energy Efficiency Champion Award (2013).

Source: Crown Battery Manufacturing

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