Amazon’s best TV deal of the day: Score an Amazon Fire 4K smart TV for 50% off
Amazon’s best TV deal of the day: Score an Amazon Fire 4K smart TV for 50% off


Sick of your old TV? We’ve got good news. Now is the perfect time to upgrade. Amazon just slashed the price on one of the most popular Amazon Fire TV models. For a limited time, you can score the 55-inch Amazon Fire TV 4-Series 4K smart TV for a whopping 50% off. 

But hurry, this deal won’t last for long.

The 2023 version of the Amazon Fire TV 4-Series is offered at a highly competitive price. Because it’s designed by Amazon, it offers full integration with the Alexa digital voice assistant and the Amazon Prime Video streaming service. 

You can control the TV and other compatible smart home gear with the included voice remote. You also get full access to all of the other popular streaming services via the FireOS operating system. This TV is equipped with four HDMI ports, but just one USB port, one Ethernet port and one optical audio port. It supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. To enhance the picture quality for supported programming, you get HDR10 and HLG support. Dolby Audio and Dolby Digital Plus are supported as well, so with the proper speakers (sold separately), you can get true surround sound.

Instead of a 120Hz refresh rate, you’ll need to settle for just 60Hz. High action content (such as video gaming) won’t look as fluid on this TVs as it will on a television with a higher refresh rate.

Why we like the Amazon Fire TV 4-Series: Use the voice remote to access Amazon Alexa and control the TV and other smart gear in your home with voice commands. The free Fire TV app allows you to use your smartphone as a remote control for the TV.

The Amazon Fire TV 4-Series is available in multiple sizes. Prices vary, but right now you’ll score the deepest discount on the 55-inch version which is 50% off today (and currently even cheaper than the smaller screen sizes).

More TV deals to shop now ahead of the October Amazon Prime Day sale

Save on bestselling TVs from LG, Samsung, Amazon Fire and more. 

Samsung ‘The Frame’ (2021): $770 and up (save up to 22%)


Samsung via Best Buy

The latest “The Frame” model isn’t on sale right now, but you can currently score a great deal on the 2021 Samsung “The Frame” smart TV. This top-rated TV functions as an art piece when not in use.

Why we like Samsung’s ‘The Frame’ smart TV: When displaying artwork, the TV’s auto-rotating wall mount allows the screen to be rotated 90 degrees so it can showcase artwork in portrait mode when appropriate. Display your favorite digital photos or video clips on The Frame by transferring the content to the TV (from a computer or mobile device) using a USB flash drive.

Most sizes are on-sale now. Prices vary by size.

Amazon Fire TV Omni series 4K smart TV: $480 and up (save up to 21%)



The Amazon Fire TV offers a 4K experience with support for Dolby Vision, HDR 10 and HLG. This smart TV is a must-have for Alexa owners. You can go entirely remote-free and ask Alexa to play live TV, stream your favorite TV shows and movies, check sports scores, set timers and reminders, start video calls and more.

The Amazon Fire TV Omni series gives you access to over one million movies and TV episodes, plus the streaming platforms you subscribe to. Want to broadcast whatever’s on your phone right into your living room? Use the TV’s Airplay function to share videos, photos and music from your compatible smart devices to your Fire TV.

Why we like the Amazon Fire TV Omni series: It offers a brilliant 4K display at a solid price point. The smart TV includes Amazon Alexa for remote-free voice control. It features 3 HDMI inputs to easily connect all of your devices.

The Amazon Fire Omni series TV is available in multiple sizes. Prices vary.

LG OLED evo C3: $1,497 and up (save up to 22%)


LG OLED evo C3


Now that OLED technology is becoming commonplace among TV manufacturers, you no longer need to pay a hefty premium for it. Yes, OLED TVs are still on the pricier side, but they’re more affordable than ever. The LG OLED Evo C3 is definitely one of the more affordable OLED TVs currently available. To ensure the best picture quality possible, this TV relies on LG’s proprietary a9 AI Processor Gen6, which improves brightness and contrast while fine tuning colors based on ambient lighting in the room.

As with all OLED screens equipped with Dolby Vision, expect to see dark and solid blacks, bright whites and truly accurate and life-like colors. Whatever you’re watching will be seen as close as possible to how it was intended. The TV’s Filmmaker mode enhances picture quality even further when you’re watching movies.

Why we like the LG OLED evo C3: It is a great gaming TV option with lots of specialized features for console or PC-based gaming systems. This TV offers Dolby Atmos sound support, which works with the TVs internal speakers. It makes audio sound especially fantastic when an optional soundbar or surround sound system is connected to the TV.

The LG evo C3 TV is available in multiple sizes. Prices vary by size.

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