7 Stylish New Linens to Dress up Your Dining Table
7 Stylish New Linens to Dress up Your Dining Table

When you’re dreaming up your perfect tablescape, the difference really is in the details. After all, those same plates you use every night can look brand-new when paired with a fresh assortment of glassware, cutlery, or table linens.

We’ve been welcoming an array of new arrivals to the shelves of our Shop these last few months: grilling tools, cocktail glasses, a 1960s dinnerware comeback, and even a limited-edition collector classic. Now, it’s time we add a little oomph to your dining table’s design.

That’s right, we want to talk tabletop linens—you know, cloth napkins, tablecloths, placemats, and runners. Keep reading for seven of our newest Shop additions we can’t get enough of.

1. French Lattice Tablecloth, $268

Seasons might change, but a tablecloth like this stays in style forever. It has a hand-stitched center; is handwoven from 100 percent cotton; features a simple, yet beautiful, green and cream-colored plaid pattern; and is even machine-washable.

2. Stonewashed Linen Napkins, Set of 4, $40

Regardless of the color you choose (there are seven!), a set of these soft-to-the-touch linen napkins will spruce up your dining table in seconds. Made of 100 percent linen, each napkin comes pre-washed for immediate use, is machine-washable, and only gets softer with each use. They’re the kind of reusable napkins you’ll have for years.

3. Stonewashed Linen Runner, $35

If you want to match the above linen napkins, consider pairing them with this linen runner. Made of the same 100 percent linen fabric, each runner is soft, looks perfectly worn in, and will add extra texture to your table.

4. Vera Raffia Placemats, Set of 4, $104+

Speaking of texture, these woven placemats add an easy, extra layer of interest to your tablescape. Made from natural raffia, each mat shows off a scalloped design, and braided pattern, and can be purchased in three colors—Mixed Gray, Mixed Taupe, or Bleached.

5. Essential Striped Cotton Napkins, Set of 4, $38

If striped patterns strike a chord, these cloth dinner napkins are the perfect flourish. Not only do they come in six stunning shades and feature a subtle striped pattern, but they also have a matching tablecloth and placemats.

6. Mini Basketweave Runner, $65

Texture, texture, texture—we won’t stop screaming it from the rooftops until everyone hears us sing the praises of adding dimension to your dining table. This mini basketweave runner is a shining example of melding old techniques with modern designs. Each one has a subtle, textural weave inspired by one of the oldest and simplest weaving methods, and is made with terrastrand yarns that are made of 25 percent renewable vegetable content.

7. LaPaper Rectangular Easy Care Placemats, Set of 4, $72

Last but certainly not least, add these easy-care placemats to your table for a simple touch that goes a long way. Each one looks like leather, but is actually made from washable paper (yes, you read that correctly). They’re double-sided, heat-, oil-, and stain-resistant, and come in seven colors.

How do you decorate your table? Let us know below!

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