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How we decorate our homes is a reflection of our tastes, preferences and personality. This is why home renovations are such a personal undertaking.

Modern interior décor is a popular approach for many looking to vamp up their living quarters. Here are seven ways to embrace a modern home interior style in your next project.

1. Lines

Beautiful clean lines are the cornerstone of any great modern home interior styling. If lines are the approach you are using, you need to consider how horizontal and vertical lines work together to create the desired look. You should also avoid bold colours and patterns when working with lines for a better modern design.

For instance, it’s pretty common to have décor pieces which create vertical lines against a wall with horizontal wallpaper or paint. When embracing this approach, research the best marketplace for modern homes building materials because this gives you the advantage of excellent quality and variety at unbeatable prices.

neutral paint palette

2. Neutrals

There are various ways to incorporate the neutrality demanded by modern interior décor designs. One option is to go all-white, and use furniture pieces such as white oak to further enhance the impact.

While some people love the all-white look, it can come off as too harsh and rigid for others. Fear not, because it is relatively easy to add warmth when working with neutrals. Naturally warm wooden pieces, such as a mahogany table with a clear finish rather than a stain, are ideal for this purpose.

Neutrality can also be livened up with certain colours. However, too much colour is the enemy of neutral modern design, so you need to add it carefully. The best colours to use are primary colours, in this case, yellow and blue, which can be added as accent colours on things like throw pillows and wall art. Painting an entire wall is overkill and will ruin the neutral modern look.

3. Industrial

It is common knowledge among modern interiors enthusiasts that the evolution of concrete, glass and steel played a pivotal role in this design. You can therefore incorporate industrial items – such as a metal table with a glass top – which look great and act as an excellent centrepiece.

modern home interior

4. Open plan

Unrestricted airflow is the theme behind most modern home interior designs. This is one reason why the open plan concept is so popular in contemporary homes.

This minimalistic approach allows any room, from the kitchen to the living room and even the bedroom, to have a calming effect, as every piece is functional and precise. Simple and tidy are two words to always have in mind when going for an open plan modern look.

5. Windows

Large windows are part and parcel of modern interior décor. Large windows allow extra natural light to enter a room, and this is a crucial element of contemporary interior design.

Sizeable windows also deliver when it comes to wow factor, and are an excellent way to blur the boundary between indoors and outdoors.

cushions on a sofa

6. Textures

Textures are a great way to bring a personalised touch to modern designs. Mixing different textures ensures that you come up with an interesting and unique finished look. The rule of thumb is to avoid primary colours, even with textured fabric.

A good example of a textured look is to use velvet to soften concrete and metal accents.

7. Function

It’s always a plus when you can make your modern interior design look good, but also functional.

For example, floating shelves are visually impactful, but also provide useful storage. Furniture with built-in storage is another way to incorporate practicality into a modern design.

As you can see, there are many ways to create a modern home interior which is unique to you and your family. Have you embraced the modern look in your home?


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