Are you looking for ways how to get from Edinburgh to the Kelpies in Falkirk, Scotland? The Kelpies, located in Falkirk, Scotland, are a mesmerizing testament to art and engineering. The Kelpies have captivated millions of visitors, offering a blend of artistry, history, and awe-inspiring beauty for all to enjoy.

You can reach The Kelpies from Edinburgh by train, bus, car, tour, and taxi. The road distance between Edinburgh and The Kelpies is 42.4 kilometres or 26.4 miles while its direct distance is 37.4 kilometres or 23.25 miles. It takes about 32 minutes to travel this distance by car.

Eager to arrive at The Kelpies more swiftly? Let’s kickstart your journey by exploring the diverse transportation choices available for your trip from Edinburgh to these magnificent sculptures!

How to get from Edinburgh to The Kelpies

5 Ways How to Get from Edinburgh to the Kelpies (Scotland)
Beninjam200, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

OPTION 1: How to get from Edinburgh to The Kelpies by Train

  • Travel Duration: about 41 minutes
  • Travel Fare: from £6

There is no direct train ride which you can take in order to reach The Kelpies. However, it is still possible to reach this destination from Edinburgh by train. The journey starts from Edinburgh Waverley train station and up to Falkirk Grahamston train station. 

Traveling to The Kelpies by train from Edinburgh not only provides a convenient and comfortable journey but also allows you to immerse yourself in Scotland’s captivating countryside. It’s an ideal way to visit these striking equine sculptures without the stress of driving, offering a leisurely and eco-friendly option for your adventure. 

Book your train tickets online via Omio for your convenience. Here is a sample train schedules from Edinburgh to Falkirk Grahamston:

Train from Edinburgh to Falkirk Grahamston

Earliest trip 1:18 pm 1:52 pm 33 minutes £9
Cheapest and fastest trip 12:33 am 1:00 am 27 minutes £4
Latest trip 11:35 pm 12:08 am 33 minutes £9

From Falkirk Grahamston, you can reach The Kelpies by taking a taxi or a local bus. The Kelpies are about a 15-minute drive from the train station. A local bus ride will cost about £2 to 3 and take around 14 minutes. 

For a quicker option, you may also take a taxi which costs around  £8 to 11 and can get you there in only 5 minutes.



If you are looking to travel by train for your upcoming trip to the UK, I recommend checking Omio. They are a one-stop shop for trains and other transportation that suit your budget and schedule.

OPTION 2: How to get from Edinburgh to The Kelpies by Bus

  • Travel Duration: about 22 minutes
  • Travel Fare: from £10.30

Traveling to The Kelpies by bus offers a relaxed and cost-effective option, although keep in mind that this is not a direct trip. 

To reach The Kelpies, you may also opt to take a bus from Edinburgh to Falkirk. Several bus services operate this route, including Stagecoach. Megabus. National Express, and Citylink. Here is a sample timetable for your reference:

Bus from Glasgow to Falkirk

Earliest trip 2:40 am 3:00 am 20 minutes £5.30
Latest trip  10:40 pm 11:00 pm 20 minutes £5.30

The Glasgow to Falkirk bus ride will take approximately 20 minutes and cost about £5.30. Once you arrive in Falkirk, you can either travel to reach The Kelpies on foot or by taxi.

Walking the 1.4 miles takes about 26 minutes. To save time, you can opt to take a taxi which will cost £5 to 7 and take only 2 minutes.



If you are planning to travel via coach or bus for your upcoming UK trip, I recommend searching for the best coach or bus fare deals with Trainline. They have a great network of coach or bus services across the four corners of the United Kingdom.

OPTION 3: How to get from Edinburgh to The Kelpies by Car

  • Travel Duration: about 32 minutes
  • Travel Fare: from £37.30 

If you prefer flexibility and have access to a car, you can drive from Edinburgh to The Kelpies. The journey takes approximately 32 minutes, depending on traffic. If it is your first time going on a road trip in the UK, check out my article on helpful driving tips for visitors in the UK to ensure a smooth and enjoyable adventure on the road.

Before starting your journey, make sure you are updated on traffic conditions and road closures. The Kelpies are a prominent landmark in Falkirk, and road signs will help guide you to their location once you’re in the vicinity.

To travel by car from Edinburgh to The Kelpies, the most common route for this trip involves taking the M9 motorway. As you head west on the M8 motorway from Edinburgh, follow signs for Glasgow and Stirling. 

Merge onto the M9 motorway to continue toward Stirling, and then, take exit 4, which is clearly marked for The Kelpies. This exit leads you directly to The Kelpies, situated within The Helix Park in Falkirk. Upon your arrival, you will find parking facilities within The Helix Park.

Are you thinking of renting a car for this trip? Discover Cars has all the best deals from major rental car companies. Here is a sample quotation depending on the type of vehicle you wish to get:

Rental Car from Edinburgh to The Kelpies

DEPARTURE ARRIVAL DURATION FARE (Including £10 for gasoline)
Cheapest Manual Mini 4-Seater (ex. Fiat 500) 11:00 am 11:32 am 32 minutes £37.30 
Cheapest Automatic Mini 4-Seater (ex. Fiat 500) 11:00 am 11:32 am 32 minutes £47.05
Compact Manual SUV (ex. Ford Focus) 11:00 am 11:32 am 32 minutes £65.03
Standard Automatic SUV (ex. Ford Focus) 11:00 am 11:32 am 32 minutes £103.28


If you are planning to book a car rental for your upcoming trip. I recommend searching for the best car rental deals with Discover Cars. They have various options that suit your budget.

OPTION 4: How to get from Edinburgh to The Kelpies by Tour

  • Travel Duration: about 7 hours and 30 minutes from Aberdeen
  • Travel Fare: from £49 to 350

There are a lot of tour packages from Edinburgh that include The Kelpies. From day trips, to private tours, Get Your Guide has you covered. An example of one of their offerings is this Stirling Castle, Kelpies and Loch Lomond arranged tour.

From Edinburgh, your air-conditioned bus will bring you to The Kelpies first, where you will have ample time to see these iconic structures. Afterwards, you will head towards Balloch which is south of Loch Lomond’s Bonnie Banks.

Other points of interest that you will get to visit are the village of Aberfoyle, Duke’s Pass, Stirling Castle, and many more. The same bus will bring you back to Edinburgh conveniently. 

Alternatively, you may also opt for a private tour for a more premium experience. Your private tour begins with convenient hotel or Airbnb pickup in Edinburgh city center. Then, your car will bring you to The Kelpies where you can take photos, enjoy shopping, go sightseeing, or embark on a self-guided tour.

Aside from The Kelpies, you will also stop by the Falkirk Wheel and the Stirling Castle. And then, you will have two options for your drop-off: come back to Edinburgh or move to Glasgow.

This private tour is a great option because it offers you (or your group of 4) all-in-one services which include transportation, an expert guide, and hotel pickup, ensuring an enriching and memorable exploration of The Kelpies and beyond. 


OPTION 5: How to get from Edinburgh to The Kelpies by Taxi

  • Travel Duration: about 30 minutes
  • Travel Fare: varies

Traveling from Edinburgh to The Kelpies by taxi is a comfortable and efficient option for a direct journey to these iconic equine sculptures. 

From Edinburgh, you can access taxi services from various locations, including popular tourist areas, transportation hubs, and by using ride-sharing apps like Uber or local taxi apps. Central Taxis is one of the taxi companies which you can contact. 

The journey to The Kelpies takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes, depending on traffic conditions and the specific location of The Kelpies. Taxi fares vary, and it’s advisable to confirm the cost with the driver or through the app before commencing your trip. 

Whether you are planning a one-way trip or a return journey, taxi travel provides a convenient and door-to-door service for your visit to The Kelpies.

More About The Kelpies

  • If you are looking for unique day trips from Edinburgh, head to the Kelpies. This tourist attraction features a 30-metre-high horse head sculpture. Aside from The Kelpies, you also have Loch Lomond, and the Kingdom of Fife and St. Andrews.
  • Falkirk, located in Scotland’s Central Lowlands, is a tourist-friendly city with a laid-back vibe, lovely surroundings, and a ton of things to do. It is the location of the Falkirk Wheel, The Helix and The Kelpies, three well-known Scottish tourist attractions.
  • Fancy going on a two-hour island discovery cruise through Loch Lomond? How about a day trip from Edinburgh which covers Stirling Castle, Kelpies and Loch Lomond? All these can be booked via Get Your Guide, my trusted site for activities, transfers, etc.

Map of the Kelpies, Falkirk, Scotland


CLICK the YELLOW MARKER OR THE DROP DOWN MENU next to the title to see the various things to do and point of interest in this guide and CHOOSE your desired preview of the map, whether HOTELS & RENTALS, EXPERIENCES, RESTAURANTS OR OTHERS. Feel free to use the filters, number of guests, and your preferred dates. You can see more information about the different attractions (the GREEN MARKERS) when you click the icons, as well as finding your perfect accommodation that will suit your budget and location. You could also book your guided tours and restaurants using the map.

FAQs on How to Get from Edinburgh to The Kelpies

How far are the Kelpies from Edinburgh?

The Kelpies are 42.4 kilometres or 26.4 miles away from Edinburgh by car. Its direct distance is 37.4 kilometres or 23.25 miles.

Are the Kelpies closer to Edinburgh or Glasgow?

The Kelpies are a bit closer to Edinburgh than to Glasgow. The difference is just about 3 miles, so basically these two cities in Scotland are both close to The Kelpies.

Can you take a train to The Kelpies?

You cannot take a train directly to The Kelpies. You will have to stop at Falkirk first if you wish to travel by train. 

How to get to The Kelpies from Edinburgh by train?

To get to The Kelpies from Edinburgh by train, start your journey from Edinburgh Waverley train station and stop at Falkirk Grahamston train station. 

What is the nearest station to The Kelpies?

Falkirk offers two primary train stations in proximity to The Helix: Falkirk High, about 3 miles away, and Falkirk Grahamston, about 2 miles from The Kelpies.

How long is the walk at The Kelpies?

There is a 1.8-kilometer round-trip pathway in the vicinity of Grangemouth, Falkirk dedicated to exploring The Kelpies. Typically classified as a straightforward route, it requires around 20 minutes to finish. This trail is favored for leisurely walks. 

How do I get to Kelpies from Edinburgh without a car?

To get to Kelpies from Edinburgh without a car, you can travel by train, bus, or taxi. You can also choose to join one of the tours organized by Get Your Guide if you do not plan on bringing a car.

How far are Kelpies from train station?

The  2 main train stations in Falkirk that are near The Helix are Falkirk High and Falkirk Grahamston.

What is the cheapest way to get from Edinburgh to The Kelpies?

The cheapest way to get from Edinburgh to The Kelpies is by coach. The cost of a one-way ticket can be as low as £4.

What is the fastest way to get from Edinburgh to The Kelpies?

The fastest way to get from Edinburgh to The Kelpies is by train. You can reach your destination in a matter of 27 minutes if you choose the fastest schedule in Trainline or Omio.

What is the best way to get from Edinburgh to The Kelpies?

Opting for a train journey stands out as the best way to reach The Kelpies from Edinburgh. This option not only ensures the quickest travel time but can also be the most cost-effective, particularly when reserving tickets in advance to get the best deals.

Ways How to Get from Edinburgh to the Kelpies Scotland pin
Ways How to Get from Edinburgh to the Kelpies (Falkirk, Scotland)


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