Minawaki Sakura has always been known for her intense visuals and strong vocals throughout her idol career. Whether it was through IZ*ONE or LE SSERAFIM, Sakura is an idol for all other idols, and we absolutely adore her for that! But we know something you don’t know (or do). Sakura is a total gamer and will go out of her way to win! Here are some moments we love where she lets her challenger side go wild!


In this episode of their variety show on YouTube, Sakura, along with her members, go to an internet cafe to play video games together. Sakura intensely showed her gamer side due to her uncontrollable excitement towards the League of Legends esports arena and being able to quickly customize her computer to her liking as soon as she could. And, of course, Sakura won most of the games, which is truly iconic of her!

Sakura vs. Chaewon in Mario Kart 8

In this cute little YouTube snippet, Sakura gets to play against fellow member Chaewon, and Chaewon is totally clueless compared to the experienced gamer Sakura! Not only was it funny to see Chaewon struggle with the controls, but we were also in awe of how much knowledge our Sakura had of gaming and being able to understand certain tricks and moves. We love that for her (but poor Chaewon)!

Sakura’s Gaming Addiction Confession

In this reality show that Sakura did back in her IZ*ONE days, her fellow members openly confess that Sakura’s gaming addiction is real, showing clips of her playing and even thinking about gaming when she is not by a screen, and at this point, we totally relate. It’s okay, Sakura! We love gaming as much as you do!

LENIVERSE Episode 14

The LE SSERAFIM variety show shows another example of Sakura being a pro gamer when they were playing a game of hide and seek with fake sniper guns. Our vocalist of the group shows her gamer skills in real life by successfully knocking down her opponents and making her team win! Even her fellow members were impressed! So you better watch out next time Sakura is around because she might get you! (We’re joking)


Finally, of course, in Sakura’s own variety show, she has a gaming show as well! She visits an internet cafe and gets down to business in the gaming world to play League of Legends! We are just so impressed at how she knows the gaming lingo in the chat, like “get on the bus” and so forth. We could tell that she loves gaming, and we are here for it! Play with us, Sakura!

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Sakura’s love for gaming has always been with her in her career, and we’re sure it will continue to grow throughout the years!

Are you also a gamer like Sakura? What else is your fave thing about her? Comment down below or tweet us @thehoneypop!


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