4 Environmental Benefits of Reclaimed Wood Furniture

As you plan to add new furniture to your home or office, you might find it surprising to learn that you can do it in a way that benefits the environment. But this is true when you purchase furniture that reuses older material. Read below to learn the four environmental benefits of reclaimed wood furniture.

Reduced Deforestation

One benefit of buying furniture made of reclaimed wood is that it helps reduce deforestation. When you purchase a piece that consists of this wood, it reduces the need for manufacturers to cut down healthy, young trees. Additionally, manufacturers would need to use multiple trees to make a single piece of furniture, so your support lowers the number of trees that they cut down.

Wood Gets a Second Life

Another environmental benefit of reclaimed wood furniture is that it helps divert waste from landfills. When manufacturers use reclaimed wood to build a piece of furniture, they stop the wood from ending up in a landfill where it would just pile up with other trash. That wood instead enjoys a second life where it gets to serve a use again.

Less Chemical Pollution

The use of reclaimed wood in furniture also reduces the number of refined chemicals in the lumber production process. Because manufacturers treated the wood when they originally cut it down as lumber, there’s less of a need to use refined chemicals again. That reduces the chemical pollution that loggers can cause in bodies of water or soil.

Reclaimed Wood Doesn’t Require Paint

Reclaimed wood furniture also requires less paint or staining than a normal piece. The wood usually already has the desired rustic look, so manufacturers don’t need to paint or stain it again. This also helps cut down on the usage of chemicals during the manufacturing process.

When you purchase these products from furniture manufacturers, you show your support for them and the environment. If you want to make your home or office beautiful, you can do that through reclaimed wood products while helping to keep the environment healthy. It’s a win-win for the entire planet.

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