Moz, described as a “hairless mess,” was found as a stray. The deaf puppy was so exhausted from being on the streets that when he was rescued, he slept for 36 hours straight.

The poor thing had such a rough start in life, but that was all about to change! Thom, the kind man who saved his life, gave him a warm bed to sleep in and a much-needed bath when he woke up.

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Thom fosters dogs and will never turn away a dog in need that he can help. At the time Moz was rescued, he had a small doggy pack that welcomed the deaf puppy with open paws. Moz beautifully came out of his shell, especially when they went for walks together. Thom explains that he often finds loving homes for the dogs he fosters right in his own neighborhood. Walking the dogs isn’t just great exercise, it is also a chance to show the deserving pups off to potential adopters. Moz loved to “walk” with Thom and his doggy friends while in Thom’s backpack.

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One sweet little girl on Thom’s route, took one look at Moz out her window and fell in love. Their first exchange is so stinkin’ cute– and what unfolds after is simply amazing! We are so grateful for this happy-ending tale! Check out the rest of Moz’s story. It’ll put a smile on your face, “fur” sure!

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