When people travel, one of the things they remember is the food. Great food can turn a “blah” trip into a memorable one.

1. Carbonara — Rome

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Carbonara is creamy, cheesy, peppery goodness mixed with spaghetti pasta. This Italian pasta dish is made with eggs, guanciale, Pecorino Romano cheese, and lots of black pepper, and one serving won’t be enough.

2. Chai — Nepal

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Chai is a tasty, warm drink that originated in India, and many who drink it can’t stop thinking about it. It’s a black tea brewed with milk, water, a sweetener, and spices like cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, and ginger.

3. Lucuma Ice Cream — Lima

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Lucuma is a common fruit from Peru and Chile that tastes similar to a custardy mango or pumpkin. Lucuma ice cream is made from lucuma powder in custard, heavy cream, and either eggs or evaporated milk.

4. Bahn Mi — Vietnam

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Who doesn’t love biting down on fresh, well-made bread? In Vietnam, their bahn mi looks like a short baguette that’s crispy on the outside and airy and soft in the center. They often fill the bread with savory ingredients to make it into a sandwich called bahn mi thit.

5. Chicken Dakgalbi — South Korea

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Chicken Dakgalbi is diced and marinated chicken that is stir-fried in a gochujang sauce, along with cabbage, scallions, sweet potatoes, tteok, and perilla leaves. Travelers describe this meal as insane.

6. Gelato — Italy

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You can’t go to Italy without getting a giant sugar cone filled with creamy gelato goodness. People who visit Italy say gelato anywhere else in the world doesn’t taste as good as it does in Italy.

7. Sachertorte — Vienna

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Although known for its pastries and cakes, one of Vienna’s most famous specialties is the sachertorte. This decadent chocolate cake was thought to have been invented in 1832, and travelers say they still dream about months after leaving Vienna.

8. Rabdi — Northern India

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This sweet treat is a delicious drink popular in northern India and Rajasthan, Udaipur. It’s made by cooking milk to a thick consistency and then flavoring it with saffron, cardamoms, nuts, and fruit.

9. Fish Amok — Cambodia

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Amok trei, or fish amok, is thought to be one of Cambodia’s national foods. It’s a creamy fish curry made by steaming fish, spices, and coconut milk in banana leaves. Coconut is then grated on the dish to add a sweet flavor.

10. Moussaka — Greece

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Warm and hearty, moussaka is the best comfort food you can find. It’s made by cooking potatoes and eggplants and combining them with lamb mince or beef and bechamel sauce.

11. Pasteis de Nata — Portugal

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If you ever visit Portugal, a pasteis de nata will undoubtedly be on your bucket list. This custard tart has crispy puff pastry filled with creamy egg custard and dusted with cinnamon and sugar.

12. Goulash — Hungary

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Goulash is Hungary’s national dish and will make you feel anything but ‘Hungary.’ This stew-looking dish consists of vegetables and meat seasoned with paprika and other chosen spices.

13. Msemmen — Morocco

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Msemmen is a traditional Moroccan flatbread that you can enjoy with either sweet or savory fillers. You can drizzle honey over it, eat it with your morning coffee, or stuff it with onions, tomatoes, or meat for a savory lunch or dinner.

14. Stroopwafel — The Netherlands

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A crispy waffle cookie is made by sticking together two waffles with a sticky caramel filling. This Dutch dessert will have you drooling whenever you taste it.

15.Khachapuri — Georgia

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This is really just cheese-filled bread, but for many travelers, it’s the dish they can’t stop thinking about. The bread is molded and left to rise until it’s ready to be filled with eggs, cheese, and other ingredients. You can tear off the crust of the bread and dip it into the melted cheesy goodness.


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