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Want to know how you can help your children become more confident, more successful, and happier in life?

You might want to teach them about the growth mindset. This is a powerful concept that helps kids see every life experience as an opportunity to learn and become better.

What better way to introduce this concept than through engaging videos?

This article features a collection of growth mindset videos for kids that will help them grasp the concept.

Meanwhile, check out this post that provides additional tips on how you can teach the growth mindset concept to your kids.

Characteristics of People Who Have a Growth Mindset

How do you know if someone has a growth mindset? Here are some traits that serve as indicators:

1. They never shy away from opportunities to learn. A person with a growth mindset is always eager to learn something new.

2. They are hard-working. Those who have a growth mindset understand that it’s necessary to make an effort to achieve what they want.

3. They are not afraid to make mistakes. For them, mistakes are just opportunities to learn and improve.

4. They never give up easily. In addition to learning from their mistakes, people with a growth mindset never throw in the towel quickly. They use lessons from their initial failures to improve their efforts and ultimately succeed in their goals.

5. They have a strong belief in themselves. They believe they can succeed and become better versions of who they currently are.

Let’s check out some awesome videos for kids to inspire them to develop a growth mindset.

1. Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset

We created this video to provide a quick but in-depth description of two opposing mindsets: growth mindset and fixed mindset. Most people have heard of both, but they often don’t recognize how these mindsets operate in a real-life setting.

This video provides real-world examples to help you identify if someone you’re interacting with has a growth or fixed mindset.

2. The Choice

This video is one of my favorites. It presents the possible consequences of the choices we make in life.

Some of our choices lead to happiness and success, while others take us down the path to misery.

Here is a quote from the video, which is very significant in the development of a growth mindset:

Small choices become actions, actions become habits, and habits become our way of life.

Here are more growth mindset quotes to help expand your mind.

3. The Most Powerful Mindset for Success

This video showcases some of the most famous and influential people of all time who exhibit a growth mindset in the way they approach life. It also presents several comparisons between those who operate on the growth mindset and those who have a fixed mindset.

This video can be a nice intro for discussing how our mindset can influence our chance of success in life.

4. Mindset by Carol Dweck

This animated video showcases the core message of Dr. Carol Dweck’s book Mindset, where she first introduced the concepts of fixed and growth mindsets. The video is a great jumping off point for discussing the concept of mindsets with older kids.

5. Growth Mindset for Students

This cute, animated video is great for reminding smaller children that they don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes or not understanding their lessons the first time. It introduces the idea that we can become smarter by working at it.

[Check out this post about habits that make you more intelligent.]

6. I Can’t Do That…Yet (Read-Along)

This read-along story is a fun way to introduce a word that plays an important role in developing a growth mindset: yet.

The word “yet” is something that children can use while they’re working at self-improvement to signal to others and themselves that they are still growing, learning, and working to become the best versions of themselves.

7. Don’t Give Up

Don’t give up. Keep on trying. You’re gonna make it.

This video from Sesame Street, featuring Bruno Mars, encourages children to keep on trying when things seem hard at first.

It is a wonderful example of the growth mindset in action, as we see several Sesame Street residents trying new things for the first time and often being challenged by what they are trying.

8. The Mindset of a Champion

This TEDx Talk, delivered by Carson Byblow, a 5th grader studying in Bulgaria, is about the mindset of people who manage to overcome challenging experiences and come out as winners. Carson uses Michael Jordan as one of his examples of people who experienced a lot of failures before achieving success.

He also shares his own story of how shifting his mindset helped him overcome a challenge in student life. This video can serve as an awesome inspiration for other children who encounter the same problems.

9. Developing a Growth Mindset

Looking for a fun and engaging way to help teach your children about the growth mindset? This video does the job with sparks, sizzles, and explosions.

In Dr. Nagler’s Laboratory, young viewers learn that their brains are capable of growing stronger by learning stuff, especially by learning through mistakes. In this way, they get smarter and become more capable of doing awesome things.

10. Soar

This heartwarming short film shows the growth mindset in action. It portrays a young inventor who struggles to perfect her latest invention.

A new friend arrives and needs her help. The inventor must work to overcome the discouragement she feels over her failed invention to help the new arrival.

11. The Growth Mindset

This quick introductory video about the growth mindset is a wonderful way to open discussion about the concept with older kids. It provides a definition of the growth mindset and lists traits exhibited by people who practice it.

Furthermore, this video suggests several famous people throughout history who can be role models for possessing a growth mindset.

Finally, the video provides wonderful suggestions of self-talk based on the growth mindset.

12. The Power of Believing That You Can Improve

Here’s a TED Talk from Dr. Carol Dweck herself on the power of “yet.” In this video, we witness Dr. Dweck sharing examples of how life-changing the word “yet” is when applied in different areas of students’ and young people’s lives.

13. You Can Learn Anything

This short video has the power to inspire children and adults alike about our inherent power to learn anything.

It reminds us that even the greatest and most famous people encountered failures before they became great. They learned from their mistakes and went on to make wonderful contributions to the world.

This is the message we want to share with our kids—that they also have the potential to be great. All they have to do is be open to the idea that they can learn anything.

Final Thoughts on Growth Mindset Videos

We hope that this collection of growth mindset videos can help open a discussion with your kids about this concept.

Parents, teachers, and caregivers have an important role in helping kids develop a growth mindset. This is an awesome tool to help children love learning, never stop being curious, and believe in their own abilities.

Here are more resources about the growth mindset you might want to explore:

Finally, if you want to level up your parenting skills, then check out this resource that will show you how to get your kids to listen WITHOUT yelling, nagging, or losing control.

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