1. I said that six lizards dragged into my bed were quite enough for one morning. 

2. I asked that he share his dinner with his siblings. 

3. I accidentally sneezed whilst she was sleeping comfortably on my face.

4. I didn’t know we were playing hunter versus prey and that I was meant to crumble in fear and agony when she pounced on my big toe. 

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5. I called his meow very cute. It was supposedly a big lion’s roar. 


6. I did the laundry without asking whether the dirty clothes pile was still being used as a day bed.

7. We watched ‘101 Dalmations’ and received the silent treatment for the whole night. 

8. He pleaded to have chicken for dinner but changed his mind during the time it took to open the can and serve it. How could we expect him to eat chicken!  

9. I said that the box wouldn’t make a good pirate-kitty ship for the bathtub.  

10. I asked that everything not be made into a big drama. Apparently, it was all too much. 


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