Kate Winslet put a lot of herself into her upcoming movie, Lee, and that included paying part of the crew’s salaries.

According to the movie’s producer, Kate Solomon, revealed that Kate personally paid two full weeks of salaries for the movie’s crew and that was in addition to securing the movie’s financing.

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“Kate held the film in her,” Kate S told Vogue. “If you spoke to her about any aspect of it, she knew what her opinion was. And when you have that, you can galvanize everyone behind that person. It looks effortless, but having lived with her, you can say: My God, it is a lot of work to get to that point.”

Cinematographer Ellen Kuras also praised Kate‘s involvement in the movie, sharing with IndieWire that “she was very involved in the film from A to Z.”

“From all the research to us having extensive conversations about who we wanted to cast, talking about who could be in different roles,” Ellen told IndieWire.

In a new interview, Kate opened up about her role in Lee and the much-talked about topless scenes.

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