EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal there’s high drama as Nish finds out the truth about Suki and Stacey faces Theo in court.

But has Stacey made a massive mistake that could cost her the case?

Meanwhile, Priya resorts to blackmail to get what she wants. But will Suki give in? And all hell breaks loose when Nish sees something on the CCTV he really shouldn’t have.

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

EastEnders spoilers for next week

1. Priya blackmails Suki

Suki panics when Priya says she knows the truth. Suki offers her £2000 for her silence. Priya demands £3000 and threatens to grass Vinny up to Nish over his involvement in the escape plot if Suki doesn’t pay.

Suki steals money from the call centre and hands it over to Priya. But Nish has seen the exchange and demands answers. Priya lies that Suki is giving her the money for her own flat, not wanting her around after she kissed Nish. But he refuses to let Suki pay Priya.

2. Nish catches Suki and Eve

Suki and Eve are struggling to keep away from each other. They share a stolen kiss in the Minute Mart.

Suki later gives Priya £200 from the till at the shop to buy her some time. But Priya wants the full amount or she’ll expose Suki.

But when Vinny closes up and finds the till short, he tells Nish. Nish then goes to investigate who took the £200.

As Nish watches the CCTV to catch the culprit, he is horrified when he sees Suki and Eve kissing…

3. Nish loses it

Nish smashes up the Minute Mart in a fit of rage and storms over to confront his wife. Ravi stops him and takes him to be cleaned up at Walford East.

After Nish reveals all to Ravi, he goes back home to find out the truth. But how will he punish Suki?

4. Theo makes contact

Theo tries to make contact with Stacey on the day of his plea hearing. He wants to meet and Stacey decides to go and asks him to plead guilty. She tries to manipulate him by suggesting if he does they can restart their ‘relationship’ once he’s served his time.

5. Will Theo go down?

Although Jean attempts to persuade Stacey not to go to Theo’s plea hearing, she is determined. But did her manipulation of Theo work? Or has Stacey made things a whole lot worse?

Jack and Martin support her as she waits for Theo to give evidence. But what will he tell the court? And will he go down?

6. Karen raises suspicions

Mitch throws Karen a surprise party in The Vic. But he becomes suspicious when she offers to pay for a large drinks tab.

Keanu and Karen edge closer to reconciling. They have a heart to heart and relations are definitely thawing.

But then Malcolm arrives at the party and threatens to blow the secret kidnap wide open. Malcolm soon chats to Sharon and realises he was inadvertently involved in Albie’s disappearance and is disgusted.

7. Mitch discovers the truth

Keanu demands his mum hand over the ransom money, but she refuses. Mitch interrupts them and Keanu makes a quick exit.

Karen tearfully confesses everything, leaving Mitch disgusted. He demands they give the money back, but will he tell Sharon?

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