Last week Apple released their new visionOS 1.1 beta 1 for the Apple Vision Pro and now we have a video from Zollotech that gives us a look at the first beta for the Vision Pro. f you’re keen on understanding the intricacies and enhancements this update introduces, you’re in the right place. Let’s explore the new features, improvements, and changes that are shaping the future of Apple’s software landscape.

Starting with the basics, the VisionOS 1.1 Beta 1 update is quite hefty, measuring in at 6.73 gigabytes. Despite its size, the installation process remains as user-friendly as ever, mirroring the simplicity of previous Apple software updates. Accessible through the device’s settings, the update process is designed to be straightforward, ensuring that users can easily upgrade to the latest version without hassle.

One of the standout features of this update is the refinement of Persona setup. Apple has taken user feedback into account, introducing a setup prompt for Persona that aims to rectify past issues. This enhancement not only makes personas look more natural but also significantly improves the eyesight feature, offering a more seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Security is a paramount concern, and VisionOS 1.1 Beta 1 addresses this with the introduction of contact key verification. This feature, which can be enabled or disabled at the user’s discretion, adds an extra layer of security, requiring updated devices for feature compatibility. It’s a thoughtful addition that underscores Apple’s commitment to user privacy and security.

Keeping pace with the dynamic world of digital communication, the update includes a range of new emoji. These additions are in line with those released in iOS 17.4 betas, offering a broader spectrum of expressions and accessibility options. From emojis for the visually impaired to various mobility aids, these new icons ensure that everyone can express themselves more fully and accurately.

The integration of Find My functionality, including activation lock, is a significant step forward in device security. This feature prevents unauthorized erasure and reactivation of the device without the user’s password. Although it was not appearing in Find My on the iPhone at the time of the video, this integration is a clear indication of Apple’s focus on enhancing security measures.

Gone are the days when forgetting your password meant a call to Apple’s support team. With VisionOS 1.1 Beta 1, users can now reset their passwords directly on the device. This update simplifies the process of device wiping and setup, even with Activation Lock enabled, provided the iCloud ID is known.

Some users may find the need to reset their Optic ID after updating to ensure optimal functionality. This minor adjustment is a testament to Apple’s attention to detail, ensuring that all features work seamlessly post-update.

Users will be pleased to know that the beta version of VisionOS 1.1 boasts improved stability and responsiveness. With fewer crashes and bugs, the update promises a smoother and more reliable user experience, reinforcing Apple’s reputation for delivering high-quality software.

As with any beta release, there are known issues and bugs that Apple is actively working to resolve. Users are advised to proceed with caution when installing the beta on a primary device due to potential bugs, underscoring the importance of feedback in the development process.

Source & Image Credit: Zollotech

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