OpenAI is offering limited access to a text-to-voice generation platform it developed called Voice Engine, which can create a synthetic voice based on a 15-second clip of someone’s voice. The AI-generated voice can read out text prompts on command in the same language as the speaker or in a number of other languages. “These small scale deployments are helping to inform our approach, safeguards, and thinking about how Voice Engine could be used for good across various industries,” OpenAI said in its blog post

Shares in Donald Trump’s Truth Social platform have plunged more than 20% – wiping out gains made following its stock market debut last week. The tumble came after Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) reported losses of more than $58m (£46m) in 2023. The company also warned it would struggle to meet its financial liabilities going forward. Shares in the social media platform finished the day at $58 (£46) when it made its New York debut last week. Sky News 

Reddit has claimed that incoming online safety laws could force social networks to quit Britain because of the burden of complying with the new rules. The US company, which recently pulled off a $6.4bn (£5.1bn) Wall Street listing, has told Ofcom that holding less well-resourced companies to the same standards as giants such as Facebook and Google could lead them to pull out of the market altogether. Reddit said: “If smaller companies are held to the same compliance standards as the largest players, their competitiveness may be diminished.” Telegraph 

Samsung is in the midst of rolling out its One UI 6.1 update to select Galaxy devices, and that update also brings back some burn-in protections for OLED displays. Back when Samsung first released its Android 14-based One UI 6.0 update on Galaxy devices, it was quickly noticed that the company had removed a portion of the burn-in protection for the OLED display..Now, Samsung appears to be restoring this functionality. In One UI 6.1, as noticed by Toranji, Samsung has restored burn-in protection for the status bar.  9to5Google

Cybertruck customers are once again outraged over broken promises after Tesla started shipping the first batch of tent attachments that leaves much to be desired. The Basecamp tent, which comes with the hefty price tag of $3,000, appears to be missing the allure of the company’s promotional pictures, including an ‘ultra-soft mattress’ and ‘enhanced camping experience.’ Advertisements of the Basecamp tent boasted that it would evenly attach to the back of the Cybertruck and a video shows two parents and a child fitting comfortably in the tent and screened windows to provide ‘a view of the stars.’ Daily Mail 

It’s no secret that Discord has been trying to find dependable sources of revenue over the last few years. It began with Discord’s subscription-based Nitro model which unlocked special features. It then expanded to allow users to gift Nitro subscriptions, financially boost servers, purchase cosmetics for their profile picture, a brief dabble into NFTs, and even purchase games. However, it seems that all of Discord’s efforts haven’t paid off, as the company is now bowing to the financial pressure to run advertisements on its platform. XDA Developers

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