COLUMBUS, Ohio — As much as the game itself, the food on Super Bowl Sunday is a key component of the experience.

What You Need To Know

  • Super Bowl Sunday is all about a good game and good food
  • Barley’s Brewing Company has three appetizers for Super Bowl Sunday 
  • Nachos, wings and sauerkraut balls

Barley’s Brewing Company was ready to bring their A-game to Super Bowl Sunday weekend.

“We definitely see more business on Super Bowl Sunday than a normal Sunday,” said the assistant general manager of Barley’s Brewing Company, Ian Boyland.

Every big day has certain foods associated with it. Thanksgiving is about turkey and sides. Christmas seems to always feature a good ham. But for a Super Bowl party, it’s all about the appetizers.

“So all year round, but especially around Super Bowl time, our char-grilled wings are a huge hit. Also nachos are big here. We can get them with chicken or without and have chili on top of them if you want. It’s a heaping pile of tortillas that we fry up fresh, shredded cheese and the toppings.

But Boyland said sometimes bringing those traditional apps to your party is boring and you can be the hit of the party if you come up with something different.

“Something that’s a little off the beaten path that people that know Barley’s love the sauerkraut balls,” said Boyland.

Whether you enjoy the game alone or with a group, many say having some good food is a priority for your Super Bowl experience.

Kennedy Chase

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