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On Monday, February 12, Li and Poppy argue over Poppy’s life choices, and Luna wakes up to find her life has turned upside down…. Zende and Luna talk about their shared night together on Tuesday, February 13, and Poppy is stunned by Luna’s news…. On Wednesday, February 14, Brooke assures R.J. (both above) of Luna’s commitment, and Poppy realizes she may be responsible for Luna’s actions…. Luna is incredulous that her mother is the reason she cheated on R.J. on Thursday,February 15, and Eric offers Zende a new opportunity…. On FridayFebruary 16, Zende is shocked when Poppy and Luna make a confession, and Luna is faced with making an unbearable choice.


Deidra Hall, Drake Hogestyn


A frantic Tripp tries to save a life on Monday, February 12, while Paulina voices her regret over messing up Chanel’s wedding day…. On Tuesday, February 13, Wendy fills in Rafe and Jada about Ava’s suspicious behavior…. On Valentine’s Day on Wednesday, February 14, Theresa thinks Alex is going to pop the question, while John and Marlena (both above) enjoy a romantic picnic…. Stephanie asks Jada and Rafe to have dinner with her — and her boyfriend — on Thursday, February 15…. Nicole is emotionally overwhelmed by the actions EJ has taken to help Holly on Friday, February 16.



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Laura and Kevin make an important decision; Gregory confides in Tracy; Carly and Drew discover Nina’s plan; Sonny is suspicious of Dex; and Trina struggles with her grief on Monday, February 12…. On Tuesday, February 13, Dex is in a fraught situation; Carly makes a realization; Molly learns that Kristina and Blaze are more than friends; Elizabeth connects with Laura; and lonely Ava seeks out a friend…. Sonny is furious on Wednesday, February 14, while Maxie confides in Sasha, Curtis and Portia celebrate their anniversary, Chase and Brook Lynn share a magical moment, and Sam and Dante (above) learn Danny is in trouble…Anna and Valentin cross paths; Nina receives an intriguing proposition; Dante and Jordan get disturbing news; Ava advises Sonny; and Josslyn is determined on Thursday, February 15…. On Friday, February 16, Sonny issues a warning; Anna, Dante and Jordan strategize; Cyrus tells Laura how he plans to protect Nikolas; Alexis reassures Sam; and Ava tries to impart wisdom to Josslyn.


Jason Thompson, Melissa Claire Egan

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On Monday, February 12, Victor and Victoria discuss how to help Nikki; Billy comforts Chelsea (both above); and Ashley accuses her family of betrayal…. Ashley and Tucker have a heated exchange on Tuesday, February 13, while Chance romances Summer, and Nick reconnects with Phyllis…. On Wednesday, February 14, Victor shares shocking news with Nikki; Adam goes out on a limb for Sally; and Claire receives a surprise visitor….Victor puts his latest plan in motion on Thursday, February 15, as Ashley has a painful reminder of her past, and Jordan finds a new way to target Nikki…. On Friday, February 16,Victor demands answers from Jack; Billy and Devon engage in a power struggle; and Victoria vows to protect Claire.


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