Ashleigh stepped up to foster a blind and deaf fifteen-year-old Basset Hound named Beignet. She was already a mom to a Basset Hound puppy named Beefy. Even though her hands were full, Ashleigh knew she could help the senior dog and couldn’t fathom turning her away.


Beignet had been so severely neglected and underfed that she was too weak to walk. Every bone showed through her emaciated body. It was heartbreaking! Incredibly, Beefy understood Beignet’s suffering and spent every minute by her side, comforting her. When Beignet slept, Beefy was on the dog bed beside her.


The foster mom was determined to help Beignet walk again. She put the dog in a sling and guided her to build her strength. Ashleigh was amazed by the determined pup’s progress. She thought Beignet would be a hospice case, but then everything changed! Through Ashleigh and Beefy’s love, Beignet blossomed into the dog she was always meant to be! To experience the heartwarming story for yourself and to see what happens next, scroll on down.

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Julie Hunt

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